You may already be familiar with several abbreviations used commonly in daily life – the list includes e.t.a., a.s.a.p., SVP, CEO, p.s., and so on. Some of these abbreviations make writing or talking easier, while others may make things a bit confusing. The same is the case when some uses the abbreviation "AF" in writing or when talking. It often leaves people wondering, "What does AF mean?" Some people know it has something to do with pregnancy and women's health, but they still want to know exactly what does AF mean in pregnancy. If that's the case with you, just keep reading to get answers.

What Does AF Mean?

In simple words, "AF" stands for "Aunt Flo", which is what women use to refer to menstruation or period. Girls usually find out about it from their friends or mothers. Aunt Flo or menstruation refers to the period bleeding and discharge of mucosal tissue through your vagina. It begins after you become sexually mature and stops after menopause, which is the end of a woman's fertility. You won't bleed or won't have your menstrual period if you're pregnant or are breastfeeding. It is important, however, to consult your doctor if you are not pregnant but haven't had your period for the last 90 days or more. This usually indicates an underlying health problem.

20 Commonly Used Abbreviations Females Should Know

You may have found answer to your question, "What does AF mean?" or "What does AF mean in pregnancy?" It is, however, important to mention that it is not enough to know AF meaning because you will find several commonly used abbreviations that every girl should know. Here are the 20 common abbreviations you should know after knowing AF meaning.

2WW: It stands for "Two-Week wait", which actually refers to the time between ovulation and the next expected period.

BCP: It stands for "Birth Control Pills". A female may opt for these pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

BD: This is an abbreviation of "baby dance". It can refer to the act of baby dancing, or for pregnancy, it's a cute way that means to have sex with the intention of conception.

CD3: It refers to "Cycle Day 3", which is basically the third day of a fertility work-up that involves taking blood samples to check the levels of luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and estradiol.

CD3: It refers to "Cycle Day 3", which is basically the third day of a fertility work-up that involves taking blood samples to check the levels of luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and estradiol.

CP: This is an abbreviation of "Cervical Position". Your cervix will change its position during different stages in pregnancy.

DPO: This simply means "Days Post Ovulation" and is commonly used while talking about conducting a pregnancy test at home – like "After how many DPO you can take a pregnancy test?"

H/B: It stands for "Heartbeat" of a baby while he/she is not yet born and is in the womb.

HPT: This abbreviation means "Home Pregnancy Test". You can find many commercial kits to confirm pregnancy at home.

IPS: This abbreviation refers to "Imaginary Pregnancy Symptoms". It refers to the situation when a woman imagines some early pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, tender breasts, light cramping, emotional sensitivity or food cravings.

IVF: This abbreviation means "In Vitro Fertilization", which refers to the process of fertilizing an egg with a sperm outside of the body.

LMP: It stands for "Last Menstrual Period" and is quite common when women share information about their menstrual cycle. It refers to the first day of bleeding on your last period.

M/C: No one wants to see this abbreviation on any fertility message board because it stands for "Miscarriage".

OI: This abbreviation means "Ovulation Induction", which refers to the process of stimulating ovulation through medication.

OPK: It stands for "Ovulation Predictor Kit", which women use to predict their next ovulation.

PG: It simply means "Pregnant".

PMS: It stands for "Pre-Menstrual syndrome", which involves a variety of mental, physical, and behavioral symptoms directly connected with a woman's menstrual cycle.

TTC: It simply means, "Trying to Conceive". You will quite often see this abbreviation on fertility message boards and websites.

PI: It stands for "Primary Infertility" and refers to a situation when a woman is unable to get pregnant once.

U/S: It simple means, "Ultrasound" which is a type of imaging to look at the development of your baby.


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