People are often curious about what the opposite gender finds attractive. Women struggle with the question, “What do men like women to wear?” Many “experts” advise that wearing a fancy perfume and a miniskirt is attractive to men. However, attracting men is more complex than that. Some men are attracted by the color more than the outfit. 

What Do Men Like Women To Wear?


The classic pair of jeans and T-shirt

A woman cannot go wrong with a well-fitting T-shirt and a pair of jeans. The look is plain and classic, which gives you freedom to add anything on it to make it fancy.


A loose-fitting dress shirt

This famous outfit makes a woman look sexy. It may feel like wearing pajamas because it is ill-fitting but it displays a woman’s legs, which men love.


Workout clothes

Wearing gym clothes says that you are willing to take care of your health through physical activity. Men find a woman who works out voluntarily sexy. Tight-fitting pants, socks, and shorts are all attractive to men.


Office wear

Some women find wearing a blouse and a black pencil skirt or a suit with high heels uncomfortable. A work apron may be greasy and dirty but all work clothes are attractive. Work clothes show that you are independent, skilled, and intelligent.


A pair of glasses

What do men like women to wear? Consider wearing the right pair of glasses. Unfortunately, this may not work for you if you have perfect vision. Glasses make women look hot and sexy. Men are curious to find out more about a woman in glasses.


A fitting sundress

Sundresses have a sexy appeal to them. They make a woman look like a goddess. A fitting sundress accentuates every curve on a woman’s body and makes her look more beautiful.


A baseball cap

Some men find baseball caps on women attractive. Wearing a baseball cap makes you look sporty, confident, relaxed, and comfortable. Just like glasses, baseball caps raise men’s curiosity about a woman’s personality and likes.


A ponytail

Men enjoy touching, smelling, pulling, and admiring long hair. They are attracted to a ponytail because it makes your face more visible and gives you a different look. Ponytails can be comfortable and elegant. Men can see the real you when you are wearing a ponytail.


A well-fitting leather jacket

Leather jackets may make a woman feel tough and confident but they are not for everyone. Men are attracted by confident women who appear independent and strong. A leather jacket gives you this appeal. Men will try their best to convince you that you need them.


A pair of sneakers or running shoes

Men find heels appealing but also like a woman in a pair of classic Vans or Conserve. Sneakers are cool and reveal a woman's interests or altitude in life.


Men’s outfits

What do men like women to wear? They want you to wear any of their outfits. A man may complain that you wear his T-shirt or hoodie but he loves you in it. Wearing his clothes says you like his style and are proud to be with him. It says you want to be surrounded by his smell when he is not around.


Any fitting dress

Wear any type of dress that fits you perfectly and shows off your curves. Dresses bring out your fun and flirty side.


Your bathrobe

A bathrobe makes you feel relaxed and comfortable but it is also attractive to men.


An elegant pair of boots

Boots elevate your sense of fashion and make you look attractive to men. Boots fit your feet and lower leg the same way a tailored top or dress fits your body.


A great pair of heels

Walking or standing in heels for a long period is uncomfortable. However, heels accentuate a woman’s curves and length of legs. It is an excellent complement to most outfits.


The classic little black dress

Men like women in little black dresses regardless of their body type. The good thing about a little black dress is that you can wear it for any occasion. You can go to church, work, a formal event or a date in the dress. Its simplicity accentuates other body features.


Fitting jumpsuits

Most jumpsuits are fitted and tailored as work or formal outfits. What's more, they have a great shape and men are attracted to shapes.


Fancy underwear

You know part of the answer to the question, “What do men like women to wear?” -- they do not like old-lady panties. Men love pretty and lacy underwear. However, make sure they are really comfortable, which should be the priority. 


A well-fitting pencil skirt

Men love pencil skirts because they show off all your curves perfectly.


Your favorite team’s jersey

Men love sports and wearing sports jersey makes them think that you love sports as well. They do not care whether you wear their favorite or rival team’s jersey. The outfit says you may share similar interests and is a great way to start a conversation.


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