The public self is very different from the private self. You follow through to the last detail in public but do weird things in private. For example, you may cook dinner naked or pick things with your toes when at home alone. Everyone will do some weird things in private no matter you admit it or not. Here is a list of weird things people secretly do when alone--prepare to be surprised!

The Most Weird Things People Do in Private


Remove stuck long hairs in your butt in the shower.


Warm your hands in your underwear or pants for no sexual reason.


Discuss a serious issue with a friend or family member while seating on the toilet and then deny it when the person asks.


Talk to yourself while pretending that someone else is present. This mostly happens when you are in love with someone or angry at another person.


Stalk your social media accounts for hours to see how people think about you online, and then proceed to change things you posted years ago.


Imagine that you have a leading role in some romcom and practice how to laugh when a hot guy cracks a joke. Alternatively, you imagine that you are shooting a music video and start doing some crazy dances at home.


One of the weird things people do in private is practicing how to do sexy poses while standing naked in front of a mirror.


Talk to yourself and practice how to laugh in front of a mirror just before going out. You just want to make sure you are as cool as you think you are.


Check your butt in the mirror to see if the squats are effective. You just want to see how good it looks and determine how many more squats it will take to get the perfect shape.


Dress in sexy underwear to bed or just to check how you look in them.


Sing out Taylor Swift, One Direction, Rihanna, or Katy Perry’s songs on top of your voice. We all have a special list of favorite songs that we belt out in private as if we are in an audition for American Idol. Sometimes catchy songs ring in our head even if we do not like them. We think that listening and singing them really loud will get them out of our heads. And it makes perfect sense!


Take tens of selfies to get a perfect one to share. How to take a perfect selfie is an art. You have to get the perfect angle, lighting, and ratio of face to cleavage. So, women have figured out the way to get one perfect selfie to share on Instagram is to take 20 of them in rapid succession. At least one of them will capture the perfect moment. This is easier and faster than taking one at a time and checking if it is perfect.


Do some dance moves in the mirror that you cannot try even after tequila shots in the club. You know you look good but you cannot try such moves in the club.


Among the top weird things people do in private is eating cream cheese, yogurt, or peanut butter from the jar in the refrigerator. Others may eat leftover pizza while it is still in the fridge. You do not care about the cold as long as the light of the refrigerator is on to create the perfect mood.


Overeat intentionally: You may eat three quarters of a pizza just want, you can and you are alone!


Follow workout videos while sounding like an idiot. Your neighbors downstairs complain about the noise but you continue working out.


Play with your boobs: You cannot resist the temptation to rest your hands on them.


Assume that the person laughing near you is laughing at you.


Pretend to be a private detective in a public place and try to figure out people’s secrets.


Dance in any small place that you can find including bathroom stalls and elevators.


Imagine that your mind has magical powers to move things and try hard to use your imaginary powers.


Here are other weird things people do in private:

  • Sucking blood after hurting yourself

  • Peeing while taking a shower

  • Keeping a booger wall in your room

  • Shaking your head really hard to see if dandruff will fall off

  • Choking from deep-throating a toothbrush

  • Following your ex to the place where he or she checks in

  • Lying that you have been tested

  • Using anything around you to wipe nose

  • Clearing your browsing history before giving out your phone or laptop

  • Lying to your girlfriend that you have deleted the photos she sent when you still have them


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