In America, around 78.6 million individuals are obese or are struggling with some sort of a weight-related issue, which make up one-third of the country’s population. Not only is obesity visually unappealing, it also has a number of health-related risks such as a higher risk of diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and other fatal complications. Prolonging one’s life span is a major factor behind why people try their best to lose weight and stay slim. For people who find it hard to do so, weight loss blogging is a modern way of helping them.

10 Great Weight Loss Blogs


Authentically Emmie

Here’s another blog that is one of the best weight loss blogs that you can find online. Emmie is a 32 years old woman who is a plus-size and through her weight loss blog, she aspires to inspire other individuals facing the same struggles. Emmie has not set a specific target for herself but only aims to reach a weight with which she can feel happy and satisfied. Her humorous weight loss blog also instructs plus-size women on the clothes which would be most flattering for them.


Roni’s Weigh

Veronica’s weight loss blog transformed her journal into an online blog since 2005, and is the best weight loss blog for weight loss tips that are authentic and effective. Roni’s Weigh is also a blog that almost every individual can relate to, especially individuals with families.


It Sux to Be Fat

It Sux to Be Fat is one of the best weight loss blogs that many individuals, especially adults, who are struggling with unwanted weight, can relate to. This weight loss blog is run by two sisters, Jennifer and Katherine, and they cover a wide range of weight-related topics including food reviews, plus-size exercise tips and healthy recipes, along with their weekly weight statistics to keep their readers updated on their journey to weight loss.


Cranky Fitness

People who find it difficult to stick to exercise regimes and lose weight would find it easy to relate to this weight loss blog run by Jan Graham. Jan Graham is a health coach and he takes a more realistic approach to fitness. Instead of portraying it as a fun activity, he accepts that it is not that easy and he motivates his readers by promising that they will feel happier when they lose their desired amount of weight.


Brooklyn Fat Chick

Another blog, which is one of the most famous weight loss blogs, is run by a fitness instructor named Margo, who discusses health and fitness from the perspective of a New Yorker. Along with updates on the latest fitness trends and the Paleo Diet, she also writes about cook books, fashion and fitness gear.


Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?

This is a funny and humorous blog run by Rebecca Regnier and Robin Gorrell, who promote the idea that you can more effectively reach your weight loss goals by sharing them with the public. This weight loss blog will also help you pinpoint those “bad” diet friends who do not help with the weight loss journey at all!


No Thanks to Cake

Kelly, in her weight loss blog, writes about how emotional and stress-induced eating habits make losing weight an impossible task. By sharing her personal journey in which she stuck to a healthy diet and overcame stress-eating, she inspires many other individuals She also shares yummy low-calorie recipes.


Prior Fat Girl

What started as an online journal that outlined the weight-loss struggles faced by a woman every day has now blossomed into a widely-read blog. The blog has inspired many other individuals who used to be fat. Through tips and support, it motivates thousands of individuals to cement their belief that they, too, can achieve their targets.


Dairy of an Aspiring Loser

This is one of the most well-known weight loss blogs that has now been renamed as “Diary of an Aspiring Maintainer”. Michelle, the blogger, shares her story of maintaining her weight through its many ups as well as downs. Michelle is a believer of moderation and does not think that excluding anything from your diet is helpful. Michelle believes in lifestyle change rather than quick and temporary weight loss tips, and it inspires many others to do the same.


Blogging Runner

In her mid-twenties, Emily started losing her slender figure to fat and excess weight, which continued as she got older and her life became busier. This gave birth to the well-known blog, "Blogging runner” in 2011, which was a journal of Emily’s weight loss struggles. Emily incorporated an exercise routine that she stuck to. She urges readers to persistently maintain their weight, as losing weight is manageable but maintaining the weight is a task that requires perseverance and persistence.

How Can Blogs Help Weight Loss?

Here are a few ways in which blogging effects how they keep up with your health and weight loss regimes.

Be More Responsible to Yourself

Weight loss blogs are an excellent way of setting and achieving your health goals and has some beneficial effects. Unlike a personal journal, a blog is an online and public journal on which you can write about your goals and how you achieved them. When you are aware that there are other individuals out there who are reading and keeping track of your progress, and are rooting for you, you hold yourself more accountable for your actions and that is a huge motivation factor that helps you keep on track.


Know How You Feel

The best weight loss blogs also enable you to tap into your emotions and feelings. This is important because when you keep your emotions bottled up, it can lead to stress-induced eating, contributing to unwanted weight gain. Through a weight loss blog, you can relieve your feelings in a safe and a non-judgmental environment; thus it can help successfully prevent bouts of stress-induced food frenzies.


Uncover Patterns

By regularly writing about your activities and your positive and negative experiences on a weight loss blog, you will soon begin to notice a trends or pattern in the activities that are behind your unhealthy eating habits. With the help of your weight loss blog readers, you will be able to brainstorm and come up with techniques with which you can avoid unhealthy eating habits and reduce weight effectively.


Get Your Support System

Individuals going through a hard time in their life often have the opinion that they are the only ones experiencing any suffering. Blogging about your hardships or setbacks completely changes that thinking, as you will find numerous individuals who are going through the same struggles like you do. Finding people who know or appreciate how you feel is a huge motivational factor that will inspire you to continue with your weight loss journey. Won't you agree with that.


Celebrate Your Success

Through weight loss blogs, every time you reach a milestone or achieve something, you can share your success with thousands of supportive readers who will make you feel so good about your win, encouraging you to maintain to the health and weight. Weight loss blogs not only make you feel good about your achievements, they can also act as a source of inspiration for other individuals struggling with their weight.


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