The greyish white fluid you see when you ejaculate is called semen. It has a few components, including sperms, fructose and some other enzymes. The fluid provides energy for the sperm and facilitates successful fertilization. The semen also contains protein; in fact, the whitish opalescence of semen is due to the protein it contains. The color, volume, and thickness of semen may change due to so many factors. Most people worry about watery semen, but should they really be worrying about it? Let's find out more about the issue.

Is Watery Semen Normal?

Most men worry a lot about whether the semen is thin or thick. Interestingly, there is no research to back the idea that the thickness or thinness of semen has something to do with fertility or anything. The standard mean ejaculate volume for testing is 3.7ml, and it's considered normal even if it's below 1.5ml. It means that even a teaspoon of semen is normal in most cases.

It is important to understand that you may notice a substance coming out of your penis when you're sexually excited – it's right at the tip of your penis. This is not semen – it's pre-ejaculate (or precum) produced by the Cowper's gland. The fluid provides lubrication during sexual intercourse. Many people take it as watery semen, but it doesn't always contain sperm.

Which factors influence the consistency of semen?

  • What you eat will also have an impact on the consistency of semen. It means that you will notice watery semen if your diet doesn't contain enough protein or lacks other important nutrients. Protein will help make your semen thick.

  • Moreover, you may notice a change in the thickness of your semen if you ejaculate often. It usually takes a few months for sperms to mature in the testicles, which means that your testicles will not have enough sperms if you masturbate and ejaculate several times each day. The lack of sperm in this case may lead to watery semen.

  • Although it is not always true, a low sperm count may also be the reason behind your watery semen. You need to understand though that several factors can have an impact on your sperm count.

  • If your testicles are being exposed to high temperatures, it will keep your sperms from developing completely. The rise in temperature could be due to your tight clothing.

Overall, there's no real need to worry about anything if you notice watery sperm or semen. However, you may seek medical advice if your semen is watery and you experience pain when ejaculating. You may consider going to a genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic to find assistance. 

What Changes in Semen to Worry About?

Like mentioned, watery semen is not always a cause of concern, but there are certain situations when it is a good idea to get in touch with your physician to ensure it's nothing serious.

A change in smell may indicate problems as well. You will notice a chlorine type smell when you ejaculate, but you may have an infection if the semen smells bad.


How much semen a person ejaculates varies greatly, but you should have an idea about the volume of semen you usually ejaculate. If you see a decrease in its normal volume, this may be due to a blockage in ejaculatory duct or seminal vesicle.


If you are noticing a low volume of seminal fluid, this could be due to a condition called retrograde ejaculation. In this condition, your semen flows back into the bladder instead of coming out of your penis. This may happen due to a prostatic infection, diabetes, and certain medications.


Your semen may become thick if you're feeling dehydrated. It is only a temporary condition though. You may have to worry about thick seminal fluid if it's clumpy as well. It usually happens due to abnormally low testosterone levels. If the condition persists for a couple of weeks, you may consider seeing your doctor.

Why the Color of Semen Matters More than Thickness?

You need to understand that semen is off white or white in color. It should turn runny and clear in no more than 30 minutes. If you notice a change in its color, there may be something serious going on here. If your semen is red in color, it usually happens due to prostate problems.

Sometimes, you will notice brown or bright red semen. It is mainly due to a burst blood vessel in your prostate. Your semen color should return to normal within a couple of days, but if that's not the case, you should visit your doctor because persistent blood in seminal fluid may result from trauma, infection, and even cancer.

Green or yellow tinged semen usually indicate infections. If you notice a pronounced green or yellow color, it could be due to an STD called gonorrhea. You may need to take antibiotics to treat this infection, so it is important to see your doctor as soon as you can.


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