A vessel sink can be an extremely beautiful addition to a bathroom. As vessel sinks have gained popularity, the design choices have flourished.

Part 1


Above Counter Vessel Sinks

An above-counter vessel sink rests on the bathroom vanity cabinet. It is by far the most popular style. Once must consider access to plumbing, such as the location of the faucet drain access. The vanity must be strong enough to bear the weight of the sink. The sink will need to be sealed to prevent water damage to the cabinet.


Hybrid Vessel Sinks

Another innovative and interesting vessel sink is a combination an above counter installation and a below counter installation. When a hybrid vessel sink is installed, a large opening is created in the top of the vanity cabinet to create additional stability for the sink.

As with counter vessel sinks, homeowners should consider the faucet and drain. The sink will need to be caulked and sealed where the it meets the vanity to prevent water damage.


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