In general, piercings are more popular and widespread around the world than tattoos. This might be because they do not involve such a great commitment: after all, you can take a piercing off, and that will be it, the hole will close after a period of time. However, tattoos can also be more problematic than that, as there are hundreds if not thousands of varieties. 

Note that piercing pain is different according to the place of body you want to get pierced, and risks of infection also vary. Informing yourself about all these may help you decide correctly if you are thinking of getting a piercing done. Here are some common types of piercings for your consideration if you want to get pierced.

Types of Piercings---Ear Piercings

Ear piercings are probably the most popular type of piercings in the world, even in African and South American tribes. There are also many different types to choose from. The ear area has the advantage of healing quite quickly and less likely getting infected than other areas, such as the belly button. However, this does not mean that they also involve risks. Ear piercings that get infected can seriously damage the cartilage tissue, even for ever. So before you wear any earrings, it's very important to take care of these piercings properly till they completely heal.

Also, bear in mind there are many different kinds of ears. Ears vary a lot in shapes. That’s why you should first ask your piercer about what piercings could best fit your ears. A good piercer should be able to tell you about this with no problems.

Types of Piercings---Facial Piercings

Facial piercings are also quite popular, especially amongst the young people, and there are lots of different piercings to choose from. These can be placed in the mouth, nose and eyebrows or on the cheeks even or anyway around the facial area. Most of these piercings have the advantage of healing quite fast, just as ear piercings. This is because there is a healthy blood flow constantly moving across your face. However, all piercings can leave scars if not performed correctly. As your face is immediately noticeable, it's necessary to give it a good consideration before choosing to get one. In case you do, you should find a good piercer for a safer piercing experience.

Eyebrow Piercings

These are some of the most popular ones, particularly in central and southern Europe. It gives people a lot of freedom to experiment with the position of the piercing, because the position of stud is not fixed. It also takes only from 6 to 8 weeks to fully heal. The common jewelry for eyebrown are barbells, rings and hoops. They can be placed horizontally, vertically or in the anti-eyebrow position.


Nose Piercings

These are definitely the most popular facial piercings along with eyebrow piercings. In some countries such as India or Sri-Lanka, it is regarded as a very important cultural adornment, and even normal.

These, on the other hand, take from 3 to 6 months to heal. They also have to be cleaned every day and very thoroughly as the nose is one of the body parts with higher chances of infection.

Just as eyebrow piercings, barbells and rings are the most popular nose piercings. They are generally placed in the nostril, septum and bridge, similarly to the way some bulls are pierced, or as a vertical nose tip.


Lip Piercings

When saying lip piercings, it does not only mean piercings performed on the lips, but also on the area around them. They are usually barbell piercings and take from 2 to 4 months to heal, so they’re not that bad in this point as nose piercings.



Bites refer to two piercings placed on either side of the side of the lip or at the top and bottom. These piercings look like insect bites, so they are called bites.

Types of Piercings---Oral Piercings

Oral piercings are performed inside a person’s mouth. The most popular of these is of course the tongue piercing. Fortunately, oral piercings do not take much to heal in general because the mouth and tongue area of our body is well supplied with blood and saliva can also act as a thin film that protects the damaged area. And it is easy to avoid possible damage by using certain protective materials.

There is still a risk of infection or tooth or gum damage involved, however. That is why it is advisable to keep track of your mouth, particularly during the first months. If you find any abnormal changes in the mouth or feeling any discomfort, seek professional help as soon as possible. 

Types of Piercings---Other Body Piercing

In general, body piercings require you to be more careful than the other types we have talked about. You should consider it carefully and only seek good professional help whenever you perform any of the following:

  • Corset piercing

  • Nape piercing

  • Genital piercing

  • Nipple piercing

  • Navel piercing

How to Choose a Piercing

We know that piercings are still not yet fully acceptable by all people and for all jobs. And we need to be careful about as it might lead to infection. That is why, when choosing a piercing, it is important to take into account the following:

How Quickly It Grows in When Removed?

Many jobs will not allow you to wear certain piercings while you are at work. You should think about how quickly it will re-grow if you remove it. I, for instance, had a friend who got an ear piercing, and after 2 weeks he took it off to play a football game. By the time the game was over, the hole had closed! You should think about this, as one day of work without the piercing might get you back to the start.


Which Are Most Noticeable?

You simply might not want your grandparents or your boss to notice you have a piercing, so this is also an important thing to bear in mind. If you have long hair, a piercing on top of the ear, for instance, could be a good option.


Which Will Suit Your Future Career and/or Social Acceptability?

Of course, this is also very important to consider. If you want to be working at a law office or want to become a successful politician, remember that many people in those jobs still regard piercings as very inappropriate behavior.


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