The best pillows for side sleepers are the ones that actually provide a firm support for the head, the neck, and the shoulder so that they do not get strained during the sleeping. Here is a list of possible pillow types that can be used by side sleepers:

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Memory Foam Pillows

This type of pillow is great for side sleepers because of its contour shape. It offers that much needed firm support that is needed by those who sleep on their sides. The good thing about them is that they never lose their shape and they stay that way for a long time. For an average of about two years, this memory foam pillow will provide the firmness that you need. The contour feature is what makes it one of the best pillows for side sleepers. It is readily able to support the head and the neck while appropriately adjusting to the body’s temperature and weight.


Feather Filled Pillows

This pillow also gives a great firm support for the person sleeping. Since it is filled with natural materials, the comfort that it provides is way better compared to others. It is able to support the head properly during sleep and it also increases the facial circulation of the user so that the face does not get squashed. It helps in eliminating the pressure points too. This is the reason why it is considered as one of the best pillows for side sleepers.

But one thing that you should note down is the fact that this pillow type actually loses its shape after a while. It collapses after constant use. Even if the life span of the said pillow can run for an average of two years, the usage and its eventual deterioration can always be expected so you’ll have to make sure that they are cared for properly.


Buckwheat Pillows

These pillows, as the name suggests, are made of natural materials from buckwheat. The pillows are made with hulls of buckwheat so they are guaranteed to be firm with an extra ounce of support because they do not have the tendency to collapse like feather-filled pillows. They also don’t store heat all that much so it’s a great choice for people who do not like to be bothered because their pillow is uncomfortably hot. It helps with maintaining a great sleeping temperature.

One downside of buckwheat pillows is the fact that they are heavy. One pillow can actually weight up to five pounds, and compared to others, this is already denser.


Latex Pillows

This is one of the more popular types of pillows that are now rampantly used. Unlike the traditional down-filled and feather-filled pillows, this one is able to provide a greater amount of support for both your head and your neck. It’s a modern type of pillow that does not allow your head to slump down during sleep. Its overall resistance is better, and this is the reason why it’s a great option for side sleepers. Neck and shoulder strain can be avoided with the use of latex pillows.

But one consideration that you should keep in mind while using latex pillows is their price. Since they are a modern innovation, prices for these pillows are skyrocketing and not everyone can afford to own them. People are more practical now and pillows that are quite expensive are just not part of the budget anymore. But despite the increased price, one guarantee that you can depend on is its longevity. This pillow can last for years without deteriorating so it works as sort of an investment.


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