Sometimes small scary things are more terrifying than bigger ones. For instance, the most terrifying thing may be seeing an unexpected spider in the bathtub or hearing a floorboard creaking at night. The two sentence scary stories outlined below are short but extremely scary. Some of them are more horrible than some expensive horror movies.

Two Sentence Horror Stories


She told me that she could not fall asleep as she joined me in bed. I woke up feeling so cold and holding on to the dress she wore when she was buried.


You are ready to sleep alone at home after a long day at work. You stretch your hand to switch off the lights only to find another hand already on the switch.


My daughter couldn't stop screaming and crying in the dead of night. So I visited her grave and asked her to stop, but it didn't work.


My wife woke me up in the middle of the night and told me that there was an intruder in our house. An intruder murdered her two years ago.


I always thought my cat had a staring problem because she always seemed to be staring at my face. One day I realized that she had always been looking at something behind me.


Here is one of the two sentence horror stories. A baby’s laughter is adorable. However, it is scary to hear a baby laugh at 1 a.m. and you live alone.


I found a picture of me sleeping in my phone. No one else lives in my house except me.


Everything around me is so dark and I cannot breathe, speak, move, or hear. I would have chosen to be cremated if anyone told me it would be so lonely.


My son asks me to check for monsters under his bed as I tuck him into his bed. I decide to look underneath to amuse him only to find another him staring at me and whispering that there is someone on his bed.


The hammering sound woke me up from my pleasant dream. I began screaming so loudly that I could no longer hear the sound of dirt that was covering my coffin.


I woke up and heard the baby monitor crackling and a voice soothing our firstborn baby. I was turning into a new sleeping position when my arm rubbed against my wife who was sleeping next to me.


A girl heard the voice of her mother calling her from downstairs and decided to run down the stairs and reply to her. Her mother pulled her into the bedroom just as she got to the stairs and told her daughter that she also heard the call.


The last thing I remember was the clock reading 12:07 and her long rotting nails going through my chest as she muffled my screams with the other hand. I was so relieved as I sat down to find out that I was fine until I noticed that my clock read 12:06 and then I heard my closet door creaking open.


One of the creepy two sentence horror stories on our list is about monsters. You should look for monsters instead of being scared of them. You can look for them on the right, on the left, under the bed, in your closest, and behind you dresser, but never look up because she hates being seen .


You start falling into a comfortable sleep when you hear someone whispering your name. Nobody else lives in your house.


I slept after kissing my wife and daughter goodnight. I woke up in a padded room and the nurses told me that I was just dreaming.


The doctors warned the amputee that he might experience a phantom limb occasionally. However, they did not warn him that he would feel cold fingers brushing against his phantom hand.


I awoke to a sound of someone knocking on glass. I thought the sound was coming from the window until I heard a second knock coming from the mirror.


I grew with cats and dogs and got used to scratching sounds on my door as I slept. The scratching sound on my door is now unsettling because I live alone.


Here is the last story on our list of two sentence horror stories. She went to check on her toddler who was left sleeping upstairs. She found the window wide open and the toddler’s bed empty.


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