Humans are one of those rare species on this planet who have a special talent to ignore the basic instinct for surviving. Sure, we're also capable of going above the limits of endurance by performing physical activities such as ultra-marathon through a desert or trying to beat the record in diving in water. But, sometimes, our undoing can be simply from consuming poisonous or toxic foods that are often served in front of us.

Toxic Foods for Humans

Here’s our list of some surprisingly toxic food items that we can often find in our kitchens. Regularly eating these foods can seriously affect our health, so if you’re curious, read on.

Fruit seeds

Did you know that the seeds of popular fruits such as apple, pear, cherry, etc. contain hydrogen cyanide? This is also known as prussic acid. The amount which can be found in seeds is correlated with the type of fruit and its maturity. It's an incredibly dangerous and toxic chemical compound which can seriously damage our health. This compound is toxic even in small quantities, so we highly recommend getting rid of the seeds before eating fruits.



The leaf of rhubarb contains large quantities of oxalic acid, which is toxic in nature. Oxalic acid is often used in beekeeping and textile industry as a way of whitening leather. Many people use rhubarb due to its salubrity as an integral part of their diet. The good thing is that the lethal dose is very high, so only a massive amount of leaves can hurt the average human body. Even so, take care when using such potentially toxic foods for humans.



Originating from India, this spice is quite popular. It has an antibacterial effect and is highly effective in curing many popular diseases. It also can relax muscles and the rest of the human body. However, experts recommend to consume it in very small quantities because it can cause hallucinations (yes, really). 5.9 grams can result in cramps, and 8.8 grams will most likely induce an epileptic seizure. Consuming it often and in large quantities can easily lead to death.


Indian nut

The raw Indian nuts found in local stories aren't actually raw. They're steamed to get rid of urushiol. Urushiol is a toxic compound which is also present in poisonous ivy, another one of the toxic foods for humans. A high level of this compound in the human body can be lethal. People who're allergic to poisonous ivy will most likely also have dangerous allergic reactions when consuming the raw Indian nuts. So be sure to stay away completely from them.


Bitter almond

The most popular types of almonds are sweet and bitter. Even though they look identical, the second one contains relatively high quantities of hydrogen cyanide. In fact, it has this compound in a quantity that is 42 times higher than its traces present in sweet almonds! Sometimes, only 8 pieces are enough to give you cyanide poisoning!


Raw honey

Surprising, but true. Since honey doesn't go through the process of pasteurization which kills and eliminates toxins; unpasteurized honey often contains the poison named grayanotoxin. Therefore, it falls under the category of toxic foods for humans. Consuming grayanotoxin can lead to dizziness, exhaustion, excessive sweating, nausea, and vomiting. These conditions usually last up to 24 hours. Consuming larger quantities is extremely risky and dangerous.


Carbonated drinks

It's a well-known fact that carbonated drinks are incredibly unhealthy, and an average bottle of any carbonated drink contains more than ten spoons of sugar. But what you didn’t know is that when you take so much sugar into your body, it creates excessive insulin. This, in turn, helps your body absorb the sugar from your blood and converts it into energy. Over a period of time, this increases your risk of getting diabetes as well as certain types of cancer. Also know that the amount of color added into carbonated drinks increases the risk of developing cancer by 58%.


Packaged chips

Again, a surprising entry on our list, but a valid one nonetheless. You’d be surprised to know how many nutritionists place it on the list of the most toxic foods for humans. A majority of people consume it on a daily basis without being aware of what they actually eat. Even though chips are made from potato, there are many other ingredients involved in its preparation. Those ingredients are usually genetically modified components. And the most dangerous element used in its preparation is a carcinogenic compound named acrylamide. It's very toxic in nature and chips contain it in extraordinarily high quantities.


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