What's in a name? Well, studies show that people with familiar sounding names are more likely to be hired. Simply including your full name rather than your initials can have people believe you're intelligent. So, a name does play a significant role to in a person's life. It is probably why there are lists of generic names that any would-be parent can sort through to name her baby. But, what if you're feeling a little adventurous? Are you searching for that one name that will stand out and give your child a unique identity? This winter season, we've got five baby names that are just for you!

Top 5 Winter Baby Names That Are So Crazy



Fitting in with the winter theme, Quilo is a quirky name that will suit your little girl perfectly. The name Quilo originates from Greek mythology and is associated with the north wind. The North wind is significant as it signals the start of the winter season. So, for a name steeped in ancient mythology and associated with the winter months, look no further.



Directional names have always been popular and will continue to be so for many years to come. North is a great winter name as it references the North Pole, Santa's famous abode. It's so popular in fact that, North West, yes that is an actual name, belongs to arguably the most famous baby in the world, Kanye and Kim West's daughter. This baby name is sure to rank high on both the crazy and unique list.



What comes to your mind the moment someone says winter and snow? Christmas! Christmas is the grandest of holidays and the perfect way for families to end the year on a high note. It's no surprise then that any symbol of our favourite holiday is etched in popular culture. A holly is an evergreen shrub that makes its way onto every Christmas decoration, cake and fireplace. If you want your little girls name to remind you of those precious holiday memories, Holly is the perfect name for you.



With all the blizzards and snow storms currently imposing themselves on the world, Gale is an appropriately crazy name for your young son or daughter. A gale is a powerful wind that sweeps away everything in its path, and winter gales bring a chill that needs to be felt to be believed. If you want to convey a sense of power with your little one's name, look no further than Gale.



Ivy is an evergreen vine that blossoms even in the harshest of winters. It is quite a unique name for little girls born during the winter months. Famous artists Jay-Z and Beyonce chose to name their little daughter Blue Ivy, thus ensuring your baby will be in elite company.

And there you have it. Our list of the craziest baby names inspired by winter. The next time you're looking for an adventurous baby name, you know where to find it. What comes to your mind when you think of these fantastic and quirky baby names?

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