Okay, so your little girl is about to lose her first tooth and you are contemplating ideas to make it a bit special for her. Well, you can always use some great tooth fairy ideas instead of sticking to the old tooth-for-cash swap. If you've been looking for some crafty, new tooth fairy ideas, you'll find some special ones in here. Keep reading to create some wonderful tooth fairy traditions by yourself.

13 Amazing Tooth Fairy Ideas


A Toothy Tome

A good book about tooth fairy will always serve as a perfect gift for that precious first tooth. You can actually choose from a number of good options, including The Tooth Fairy Wars by Kate Coombs, Denise Berry's What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth and the Tooth Book from Dr. Seuss.


A Nudge with Brushing

If you're looking for a rather practical gift, you can opt for kid-friendly toothpaste and a fund toothbrush. You can even invest on a battery-operated spinning toothbrush or a toothbrush with your child's favorite movie character printed on it. Besides, you can simply give her a toothbrush timer to make it easier for her to know for how long she has been brushing. This not only gives your baby a perfect surprise, but also encourages her to brush her/his teeth regularly.


An Official Letter

You can try several tooth fairy letter ideas. Make it look like the tooth fairy has left a letter for your little angel, praising your kid for good oral hygiene and explaining why tooth fairy took the tooth and why she didn't show up. It could also be a certificate stating everything, including name of your kid, the condition of the tooth, age of your kid, etc. You can even print it out or find miniature letters to make it all look authentic, interesting, and impressive.


Treasure Hunt

Your kids are going to love it more when they actually have to use clues to find the treasure the tooth fairy has left them. You can encourage and excite them by giving them stylish toothbrushes and toothpastes while they are searching for the real treasure. At last, use some gold coins as the real treasure.


A Tooth Fairy Basket

No, baskets don't go well with Easters only – you can design a perfect little basket and set a new tooth fairy tradition. Fill it with some great books and oral health goodies with a letter from the tooth fairy herself. Make it as interesting as possible!


A Whimsical Door for the Tooth Fairy

You don't have to go through a lot of hassle to build this special door because you can use supplies for miniature dollhouses for this task. You can tell your child about the door at the first sign of loose tooth. Tell him/her to wait for the tooth fairy to come out to take his/her tooth and give him/her a special gift. This is among the best tooth fairy ideas that will definitely make things more interesting.


A Tooth Fairy Box

You can easily find a keepsake box craft kit online to design your own tooth fairy box. Let your kids use their creative side to decorate the box and tell them to check it the next morning when they lose their first tooth. This will make it easier for you to put a gift in it rather than accessing the pillow in the middle of the night. After all, you don't want to get caught, do you?


Fairy Dust Trail

You can make it all look more real and interesting by sprinkling some fairy dust under the pillow and all the way to the door or window. You even can add some fairy dust around the gift the tooth fairy leaves for your little angel.


A New Tooth Fairy Pillow

This will make things more real and even save you from trying to sneak a few coins under the pillow of your little girl without waking her up. Simply get a new tooth fairy pillow and leave it on a chair where your angel could find it in the morning.


Tooth Fairy Water

If you're looking for one of the newest and freshest tooth fairy ideas for girls and boys, you will love this one. Tell your child that if they want to know the color of tooth fairy, they should put their tooth in a glass of water and leave it on the nightstand. The tooth fairy will dip her wing in the water to pick the tooth and leave behind the color of her wing. Simply add some glitter and food coloring to the water to make it look real.


Charm Bracelet

A simple yet memorable gift would be a charm bracelet in exchange of your little angel's first tooth. The best thing is that you can easily choose charms considering your little one's interests and hobbies. It is equally important to find some tooth-themed charmed for the occasion.


Fancy Coin Instead of Bill

Kids don't always love those dollar bills, but you can make it a bit more interesting for them by going for a dollar coin, like one from the Presidential series. You can even consider giving foreign coins or you can make it more interesting with gold plated dollar coins.


Dollar Decoration

Giving away a dollar bill is always a good tooth fairy idea, but you can make it more interesting by decorating the dollar. Add some hairspray to it and then sprinkle some glitter onto the bill. Be sure to use very fine glitter to complete this project perfectly.


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