It is that time of year again, when the flowers begin blooming, and the air is filled with the scents of fresh cherry blooms. There is no doubt that spring is in full swing, which means that it's time to garden again! Gardening can be a wonderful family activity and can be an enjoyable experience for all! Take these six tips and utilize them to get the kids outside and away from their gadgets and back into nature!

Part 1


Plan it Out

The very first thing that you want to do when you are getting ready to plant a garden is to map out where you want all of your plants to grow. Get the kids involved and ask them what they would like to grow this year! Some great options include cucumbers, tomatos, carrots, and watermelons!


Start Inside

Depending on what you are growing, it can be great to start inside. Use an old egg carton container to get the seeds started. Teach the children how to gently place the seeds into the containers filled with topsoil and how to water and nurture them.


Establish Responsibility

Much like having a family pet, growing a plant can be a time-consuming task, one that requires various amounts of work each day. Let your children know that if they want their plants to grow, they too have to take care of them, including watering them, making sure they have enough sun, etc.


Transplant the Seedlings Together

When the time comes to transplant your seedlings into the ground, have the little ones help you out by finding a place where they will get the proper amount of sun and then they can help you by digging holes where you want the seedlings to go. Gently place them into their new homes and pat the soil down.


Create a Watering Schedule

There is no doubt that plants need water each and every single day. Make sure that the children know that they cannot neglect these responsibilities, otherwise their plants may not make it. If they are little children, go outside with them each day and teach them how plants need water and nutrients from the sun to grow.


Reap the Rewards

There is nothing better than a delicious tomato sandwich at the end of the summer, after you have reaped the seeds of your harvest. Your children will love that something came of what they did earlier in the year! Not only will that sandwich taste delicious, but the look on your child's face will certainly be priceless.


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