Money's tight for everyone these days. So instead of dropping big bucks on a gift, vacation or four-star meal for Valentine's Day, show your significant other that you care for them in simpler yet meaningful ways.

That doesn't mean that you can turn off the idea spigot. In fact, it probably means that you need to step up your game in terms of significance. But you can do it. You know the little things about your spouse that would make him or her happy no matter what. Whether it's a handmade gift, a treat baked with love, or a love poem, there are multiple options to make this Valentine's Day more special than ever.

First, stop and think. What makes your partner tick? Is she stressed out at work and in need of a soothing massage? Does he love desserts? Is she a party person who cherishes time with her girlfriends?

After you compile a list, look it over and think about the things that you could do that would make him or her smile. Here are a few ideas:

Part 1



Every parent of young children that I know is overworked and overtired. Give your spouse a couple of mornings to sleep in so she can rest and rejuvenate.



Start warming up those wrists and fingers. Even if you're not a massage therapist you probably know what it feels like to benefit from a head to toe body massage. Carve out 30-40 minutes, pick up some oils and treat your partner to a lengthy rubdown. Dedicate yourself to focusing on her and how this treat will make her feel.


Build It

This may take some time — unless you're exceptionally handy — but it would be deeply rewarding. Has your wife been mentioning that she wants something new for the house like a small piece of furniture? Do you have the ability to build it for her? If so, she would be knocked off her feet if you found the time to do it.



We are all so busy that it's difficult to find time for the things we want to do. Give her the gift of time to spend an evening with her girlfriends or go shopping.


Series of Gifts

Does your spouse love treats? Flowers? Books? Find a few small items that she'd like, place them around the house and let her find them in a scavenger hunt-style way. She'll enjoy the surprises and that you put so much thought into something for her.



Everyone loves to have their love reinforced. Take the time to start writing your spouse love notes or texts on a daily or hourly basis.



The way to many of our hearts is through our stomachs. What is your wife's favorite meal? Your husband's favorite dessert? Make it for him on Valentine's Day.



What are your wife's 3 least favorite chores? Take the time to do them for her and save her the headache. She'll be thrilled that you did.


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