The Hindu tradition claims chakras are points of immensurable energy located on the midline of human bodies. There are 7 of them, represented by the colors of the rainbow, believed to be influencing us at all times. Chakra healing, including throat chakra healing, is vital to us.

Hindus claim all chakras contribute to the whole of our being. They believe our instincts work together with our feelings and our thoughts. According to this tradition, our suffering arises when our chakras are not in a certain harmony and when some may be underactive while others are overactive.

What Is Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra, also called the fifth chakra, is associated or represented by the color blue. Located at the position of our throat, this chakra is believed to be the center of our will and its state will determine the honesty with which we express ourselves. This makes sense as we speak our thoughts and wills through our throat.

Lying is considered as a violation of our spiritual core, working in our detriment. Haven’t we all experienced the same lump in our throat whenever we have had to choose whether to speak out or not about something? Some even claim this sort of choice (repression) may even contribute to the development of throat sicknesses. Under such circumstances, we should turn to throat chakra healing to restore balance.

Characteristics of Throat Chakra

The challenge of throat chakra is said to be expressing ourselves in the most faithful way possible, as well as placing knowledge and the truth above all just for the sake of the truth, not as an intermediate goal. There is more information about throat chakra in the chart below:




Neck, throat


Awakening our sense of full responsibility


The surrender of personal will over divine will

Physical Dysfunctions

Sore throat, laryngitis, voice problems, etc.

Mental/Emotional Matters

Personal expression, addiction, criticism, faith, creativity, will, authority

Stored Inside

Truth, self-awareness


Blue opal, lapis, chrysocola

Flower Essences

Cosmos, Trumpet Vine, Larch

Throat Chakra Healing

We know how horrible suffering from a throat chakra imbalance can be. Fortunately, there are many throat chakra healing methods to set it back in its original harmonious state. Here’s a few ways to do so:

Stick to Truth

Throat chakra takes charge of truth and encourages us to be responsible. If you lie, these lies can hurt your throat chakra. So always stick to the truth. If the truth hurts, then speak it gently and compassionately to avoid the guilty of a sharp tongue.



Why do we sing sad songs when we are sad? Why does singing improve our emotional discomfort? You can wonder about the answer to them. The fact is singing will help your throat chakra heal and will make you feel much better.


Be Creative

Engage in creative and artistic activities that will allow you to throw out all that is corrupting you inside by freely expressing yourself. Besides, creating beauty is always a rewarding and satisfying activity.



Go with someone you truly love and trust and just tell that person all you need to say. We understand there are things so deep or painful you cannot confess to everyone you know. Whatever happens, just remember: if you are going to speak, always speak the truth!


Think Blue

Dress yourself using color blue, draw loads of blue or simply go outside and enjoy a nice walk below a bright blue sky. Since blue is the color of the throat chakra, adding the color blue into your surroundings will help you reactivate your throat chakra.


Relax Your Neck

Engaging in yoga lessons or massage therapies focusing on your neck area will prove very beneficial for your throat chakra healing.

  • Relax your jaw and gently roll your head and neck from left to right and back a few times.

  • Yoga is very good for general relaxation and will even help you with your other chakras.

  • Massages help to relax the muscle around the neck and, well, who doesn’t enjoy a nice massage?

When Do You Need to Heal Your Throat Chakra?

Whenever you feel that you are expressing yourself with absolute clarity and objectivity, it’s because your throat chakra is perfectly balanced. You will also find yourself highly creative and with an astonishing clarity of thought, able and willing to speak the truth. Below we have explained what happens when, on the contrary, your throat chakra is disharmonious.

When Throat Chakra Is Under-Active

When others misunderstand what you are trying to express and when you feel you are unable to say what you truly want to say, your throat chakra is under-active. You probably have difficulty in speaking the truth; and you might be afraid and feel the need of hiding stuff from other people. This also applies to yourself too, which means you cannot be honest with yourself either and therefore you cannot understand yourself. It will continue being so until you heal your throat chakra.


When Throat Chakra Is Over-Active

If you are over-opinionated and criticize others too much or regard them and what they do in a negative way, your throat chakra is overactive. You might even get to be disrespectful towards those surrounding you. And you may feel the impulse of insulting them, screaming at them, and you most probably even consider other people’s opinions to be stupid.


Physical Symptoms of a Throat Chakra Imbalance

Many unpleasant side-effects will arouse from a throat chakra imbalance affecting the neck area. It can cause laryngitis, throat lump, toothache, jaw problems, sinusitis, thyroid problems, infections, neck seizures and the like.

Other Common Chakras in Our Body

As we mentioned, our Throat Chakra is only 1 of the 7 different Chakras located in our body. Each one of them has its own color and function. Below is a table with the basic information about the other 6 chakras:





Crown Chakra

Crown of the Head


Inner wisdom and death of the body

Third-Eye Chakra

Above the Nose


Balancing our higher and lower selves and trusting inner guidance

Heart Chakra

Over the Heart


fountain of emotions and carrying our consciousness to next lives

Solar Chakra

Stomach Area


Personal fears, anxieties and power and opinion

Sacral Chakra



Relationships, violence, addictions, basic needs and pleasure

Core Chakra

Base of the Spine


Instinct, security, survival and potentiality


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