Have you absolutely EVER wondered how we’re surrounded by some of the strangest and most inexplicable things that exist? Some are our psychological in nature, while others are… well… natural. Curious where this is going? Read on to find out!

Things to Think About


One in a million is overrated

Because mathematically speaking, there are 7 billion+ people on the planet, right? So 1 Bil/1Mil would equal to 7000+ people who would still be similar to you. So stop using that phrase. 1 in a million ain’t unique. It’s downright insulting.


When castles are cheaper than apartments

If you think the cost of owning a castle is exorbitant, think again. It’s easier to own and maintain a castle in Scotland than it is to own or even rent and maintain an apartment in NYC. A castle’s cheaper and in my opinion, a more fun investment.


Rainbows have infinite colors

It’s just that our stupid human eyes are unable to see more than 7 colors, so we naturally assume it has no more than 7 colors. If we could see ultraviolet light, or infrared "light," or radio waves, a rainbow would appear to be more magical.


Immortality is possible

Except not for us humans. There’s a species of jellyfish called Turritopsis nutricula that can literally exist forever..... by going back to its infancy stages after reaching maturity. What if doctors and specialists can analyse and apply this to us humans. How awesome is that? Wow, really one of the most awesome things to think about!



Why kissing is one of the most common way to show romantic feelings to the love of one's life? Is it the changing of saliva? Is it the warmth or softness of lips? Or is it the bacteria in mouth that make kisses so amazing? Just keep me wondering, wondering and wondering.


Cleopatra wasn’t an Egyptian

She was born there, sure, which means she was an Egyptian by nationality. But she was a Greek by ethnicity. Even so, she openheartedly embraced her Egyptian heritage. Look it up.

Speaking of Cleopatra, she wasn’t as beautiful as people believe. She was more famed for her intellect, her sweet tongue and her capacity to seduce any man that she wanted. Somewhere down the line, that was translated as having incomparable beauty, a myth that carries on till this day.

This perfectly explains how rumors twist truth and how repeated rumors become truth.


Shampooing is an Indian concept

White people simply borrowed it from them and claimed it as their own, much like most other genius inventions from across the globe. The word "shampoo" came from the Sanskrit word champu, meaning to massage. So could you think out more of such examples?


India has the 2nd highest number of English speakers

Coming second only to US speakers.

Speakers in the US> 251,388,000+

Speakers in India> 125,226,000+

So get a glimpse of how popular English is across the globe? Imagine Canada, Australia, China, Ireland, South Africa, Japan…

This is definitely one of the fun things to think about to kill time and broaden your horizon at the same time.


China invented ice cream

You think the great US is responsible for it, don’t you. WRONG!

Back in 200 BC, the Chinese came up with the world’s first ice cream by mixing rice and milk together and freezing it in the snow. Wondering how many things come from China? Start with paper, gunpowder, compass, the technique of printing, tea ceremony……


Eastern/squat toilet>Western toilet

But we’ve been brainwashed to such an extent that we will defy numerous studies and data in favour of what we have been told from birth – that Western seats are superior to Eastern ones, only because they are created by the West. Or, you know, the white people.


Americans regularly celebrate the rape and mass murder of people

Except that for them it’s Thanksgiving and any rape and murder happened to non-white and uncivilized people at that time is completely sanctioned and justifiable in their eyes.

Winning needs celebrations and should be honour, but it is also based on taking lives, meaning killing and murdering. Wow, just scary to think in this way.


Sex evolves with the world

Nowadays oral sex is considered one of the best ways to show one's romantic/sexual feelings towards another. It seems okay to us, but imagine how people from maybe 500 years ago would have thought about this normal practice!



Why are words mostly NOT written as how they are pronounced? Like, say, “like”, why don’t we spell it as “lyk”? Weird. Or shall I say “weeyurd”? One of the more weird things to think about for sure.


Humans are the ONLY species in the world

That drink the milk of mothers from other species. Not only do we consider it normal, but also tend to bully, ostracise or straight out shun anybody who favors plant milk instead of animal milk. We sure know how to exploit every creature to our advantage!


Despite being so creative and talented

We still cannot come up with a completely new color. Go on, try it.



It is something that goes on forever, and isn’t it just oddly scary to think something infinite can exist? On a normal level, you can think about the mathematical expansion of pi. On a more philosophical level, think about the universe and how fucking huge it is.


We’re alone in this universe

Or we aren’t. There are only two possibilities and both are scary as fuck.


Celebrating birthdays

With every birthday that you so happily celebrate with friends or family for growing a year older, you don’t realize that you’re also one year closer to your death. How’s that for happy birthday thoughts?


It’s okay to wear dead stuff on your body

Like fur and leather. Wow such things to think about really makes me wonder how fucking stupid we’ve become as a species.

Society has brainwashed us to an extent where we not only have considered it normal to wear something on our body that was once alive, had a beating heart and had a great deal of complex emotions, but also crave to purchase such products just to show off how fashionable or rich we are.

Seriously. We’ve stopped thinking for our own. Especially seeing there are so many materials available that are cheaper, synthetic, more durable and practically hassle free.


Darkness isn’t the opposite of light

Darkness is merely the absence of light. Did you ever think about that before?


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