When it comes to things you can do with your dad, most of you draw a blank because fathers can be very hard to read. Society demands that the bread winner of the family i.e. the man should be someone who is strong, stoic and never has to show his true emotions or problems to his family. Most dads follow this highly stereotyped notion even today in the 21st century, which is why doing small things as buying birthday presents or doing activities with your father can become quite the chore. But here comes the savior.

Things to Do with Your Dad

This is a list of things you can do, right from small to big, with any type of dad out there. If he doesn’t like 3-4 things mentioned, then he’s sure to like the remaining options mentioned below!

Go to comedy clubs together

Everybody loves to laugh, and your dad is no exception. Hit up Google to find out the closest improv comedy clubs near your home and take your dad there. In fact, take your entire family out with you and have the time of your lives. It’s all free, so you have nothing to lose. Have drinks, eat together and laugh like a family.


Have a themed party

It might sound lame at first because themed parties are mostly what children do. But so what? Pick a theme of your dad’s liking – his fav 80s movie, his fav soccer team or even his fav food items. And then make your entire party revolved around that theme. Invite friends and relatives over to make things more fun!


Celebrate a holiday together

Finding things to do with your dad and spending some time together shouldn't be time and effort consuming. You don't necessarily have to take one or two days out of work to do this. Just make it a thing to celebrate some if not all holidays with him whenever possible, like Thanksgiving Day, his birthday, father's day, etc.


Make a game room

The games can be of your choice – old school like ping pong table, pinball machine or even board games, or an entire room dedicated to gaming which consists of Wii and several controllers.


Spend a day of relaxation

Who says visiting the spa is only for the ladies? Drag your dad to the nearest or most affordable spa in your city. He might resist at first, but be insistent. Make sure you pay for a spa day that lets you two relax together in the same room and you’re good to go.


Host a tournament

Now this could be at your home, at a local park or even at the sports ground of a local school. This does take a lot of time and planning, but the payoff is worth all the effort. Pick a sport of your choice or your dad’s choice, and invite some friends and their parents if possible to the game! If your dad’s not an outdoorsy person, then host a video game tournament!


Have a movie marathon

When it comes to things to do with your dad that don’t require much effort, it doesn’t get better than this. Pick up his fav movie series like Star Trek, Star Wars or even Indiana Jones, and sit down with him to enjoy the movies he loves. Discuss your fav characters, plot twists or character developments, and bond with your father like you’ve never bonded before.


Help him fix something

Every house has at least one broken thing lying around in their house – from something small like a window to something big like a bicycle. So why not take this opportunity to do some house work and bond with your dad as well? Ask him to teach you the ropes, which brings me to my next point…


Go shopping with him

You can go to the nearest shop to buy tools for whatever it is that you’re fixing, or simply buy stuff that your mom needs for the house. Instead of going alone or letting your dad go by himself, go with him and talk to him on your way to the shop, in the shop and on your way back to home. Make it a habit.


Taste some bear

If your town gives you the option of hosting wine tasting events, or even has local beer tasting events, then go for it!


Eat together

Sometimes, it’s the small things you do that count. If your family is in the habit of burying your faces into laptops or phone screens while having dinner, stop it. Eat at least one meal of the day together talking about the food you're eating, the weather, the funny things in your life, the news happening recently, etc. This is definitely one of the things to do with your dad and your family to build stronger emotional connections.


Go to a car show

If you have local car clubs in your city, contact them or just head on over to their websites to know when the next show of vintage cars is going to happen. If it’s in your city, great! Buy two tickets, take your father there and enjoy yourself. If it’s somewhere a little on the outside, then this would be an excellent opportunity for you to have a small road trip with your dad. That’s a double whammy!


Cook with him

Because why not? If your dad is a great cook, ask him to teach you one of his recipes. If he sucks at cooking, you can insist that he learn how to make his fav food or dish. If he’s average in cooking, then the two of you could pool your talents and come up with something as simple as sandwiches or as elaborate as a choco-strawberry cake. This would also allow you to go shopping with him for the ingredient list, which in itself is a fun activity to do.


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