Name is very important to us; each of us must have it in order for us to be identifying by others. Some parents want their child to have a unique name. A name that is not familiar to others. Some others give their names to their child to be call as junior or the second, the third and so on. But did you know that names plays very important role in our life as a person or even as a whole? You don't believe it, but we can choose on what our child we want to them be in the future by means of giving them proper names.

Things to Consider Before Giving Your Child a Name


Know What Is Their Animal Signs in Chinese Lunar Calendar

Most Chinese man believes that this matter is the most important, even before they make their wives pregnant. Some Chinese parent wants their child to be born in according to what animal sign is the luckiest. In fact some new couple even uses contraceptives and is willing to wait until the right lunar years come before they decided to have child. For example they want their child to be lucky in politics and be a great businessman, they will prefer the year of the tiger and dragon to be the right lunar year. And they will make sure that their child will be born on that year, and so on. So if you want to have a lucky child, then consider this matter.


Know What Their Zodiac Sign Will Be

Zodiac sign also gives different meaning, and having a name in accordance to their zodiac signs are said to be one of their lucky charms in the future. For example, that you're to be born son is happen to be under the Leo, then that only means that you must give him a name that has resemblance or related to the characteristic or qualities of the king of the jungle.


Think of a Good Characteristics

During ancient times, most names are derives from different qualities or characters that a good person will be. For example si Malakas (meaning strong) at si Maganda (meaning pretty), or Marikit(meaning beautiful), etc. In some Chinese they named their child after abundance or good fortune or something that is related to success. So if you want your child to be pretty and attractive then name her Venus for Venus is the Goddess of beauty.


Think Names after a Famous Celebrity

Only few of us know, but giving names to our child after a famous celebrity gives a positive outcome. Some parent give their child a name after celebrity but doesn`t know what is the result. Some parents wondering why they have a child that has a beautiful voice but none of them knows how to sing, what they don't know is that because they give Madonna as her name. So if you want your child to be a basketball superstar then give him Kobe, or Jordan or Iverson. You can also look for different person that has the same name and most of them really have the same characters or career.


Combination of Parent`s Name

If you want your child to inherit most qualities and characters of both of you, then try to combine your names. If you want your child to be like most of your wife then make sure that her name or initial comes first.


Always try to Follow the Trend

For example that you are about to give birth in this century then make sure that the name that you want is in. Don't give names that is an old fashion. Because it's your child that will suffer if you give them names that can cause them to be bullied in the future.


Be Religious

Try to be religious; there are plenty of names to choose from. If you want your child to be surrounded by animals then name him Francis after St. Francis, and many others.


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