What is at the center of most of our arguments? A group of men and women bravely revealed what they bicker about the most…

Part 1


Free Time

Who on earth argues about the precious gift that is free time? Couples! She wants him to spend more time just hanging with her, while he really needs his bonding time with the guys. The best advice in this scenario is to find someone equally independent, and willing to compromise. And as far as this photo is concerned - maybe this girlfriend should have let her boyfriend go jogging alone!


Money Matters

Not surprisingly, both men and women confess to arguing about finances. Whether it’s who is spending too much or who may be a bit frugal, it’s an issue big enough to split some couples up. To merge or not to merge bank accounts? That is the question – and something to figure out (help us Suze Orman!).


Household Chores

“I’m a guy so I take out the garbage, and you do the laundry.” While some women are perfectly cool with this, others may love hauling out the trash (well...maybe that’s a stretch). The bottom line is not to assume that one gender will automatically take care of certain responsibilities. Talk it out together and figure out what is going to work best for both parties. The solution may just be a housekeeper!



You’re an Independent – and he’s a Republican. You respect Hillary Clinton, while he adores Sarah Palin. Can it work? Yes, we have seen that it can. Is it easy? Definitely not if your topic of frequent conversation is the differing political parties. It is important to respect another’s beliefs and not to force your own agenda. Unfortunately, many lose sight of this, and this is why politics made the list.



It’s a wonderful thing shared between two people, yet this subject can cause lots of turmoil. Some couples argue about whether to engage in sex before marriage. Some couples argue about different levels of desire. The most important thing? To stay true to yourself in this intimate arena.


Kids -- and Furbabies!

Out of all the issues on this list, this may be the one that can get the most emotional. We all have certain ideas about how to raise our kids – and this can cause big-time conflict. If you are dating someone with children, it is probably best not to interject your opinion about how permissive or strict they should be, or what type of discipline works best. Our precious pets can also cause a bit of friction in a relationship – especially if someone has serious allergies!



Before you get too involved in any relationship, make sure you know where your partner stands in regards to their religion. Many of us are deeply committed to our beliefs, and this isn’t necessarily an area that’s easy to compromise on.



“I saw you looking at her!” “I don’t want you going to lunch with him.” This relationship killer is at the center of many, many squabbles. While many men and women have no reason to be jealous (and could be just controlling and insecure), there are boundary issues which every couple should clearly define together.


The Culprit of Most Arguments: Stress

Ever had an argument with your partner – only to forget how it even started? We are all multitasking to the max in this busy society, and many of us are stressed to our limits. Sometimes this seeps into our relationships, and we take it out on one another. Being self-aware of when you reach that point can help to cut down on any stress-induced bickering. Just breathe and think twice – before you make any snarky comments. What do you and your partner argue about most? How did you resolve it?


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