Dear three adorable children (who likely won’t have any clue it’s Mother’s Day) and my hard-working husband, Here’s what I really want for Mother’s Day:

Part 1



Seriously, I know parents say this all the time, but I could really use a day or two of not being woken up by someone pulling my hair or jumping on me. Sure, I could wake up earlier than you do to avoid that, but at least one of you kept me up last night, wanting to party at 2 a.m.


A Shower

Not just any shower, but one during which I am not listening to people call for me the entire time I’m in there. And maybe I could actually get the shampoo out of my hair this time?



Just for a couple of hours, so I can think a thought and actually keep it in my brain. I love your little voices and funny stories and sweet songs, but if you could speak in an indoor voice for just one whole day, that’d be amazing.


A Haircut

It’s time. I need one. I’ll be gone for just five short hours. Be nice to Daddy.


A Fridge Full of Pictures

Paint your little hearts out. Make your collages. Draw your self-portraits. Scribble if you want to. I would love to see your creations and hang them all over the house. Get the table covered in paint and glue if you want to. Daddy will clean it up.


Church Without the Dash Down the Aisle

Yes, I’m talking to you, littlest one. Let’s get through the entire Mass without Mommy doing her fastest sprint down the center aisle, skirt flying up as I scoop down to grab you, and you laugh your head off. Yes, many church goers are laughing with you, but I’d really like to take a break from our weekly show.

Take time to consider my requests. I don’t need any store-bought anything (except maybe cake). I just need to feel awake and put together, so I can listen to every story you have to share.


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