Organising your household into a smooth running hub of activity and comfort can seem like a daunting task.But follow our tips and you could organise your house in just a week. Remember, the idea is not to make your home pristine, rather to provide a more calm and functional home. Then you have more time to enjoy it with your family.

Part 1


Think about why you end up with clutter

For instance, is there one place in your house that always seems to end up as a dumping point?Is it because it has easy access? Or is it because nobody really knows where to put anything?Make a list of areas that you want to organise, like by the back door or the kitchen drawers.Include reasons why you think these areas are the most disorganised. Is it lack of storage? Perhaps you're guilty of hoarding things you really don't need.


Don't increase the chaos

I keep thinking if I buy more storage that my house will be organised and uncluttered.Then reality kicks in and I realise I need to declutter not just add a pretty floral box to the chaos!You don't need fancy organisers or colour co-ordinated box files to clear the chaos. Reuse jars to house kitchen and pantry items.Washed plastic containers are ideal for the craft supplies. Old suitcases are great for out of season clothes.


If in doubt, throw it out

If you're not sure about keeping something, then you probably don't need it.It's not easy but try to focus on the good feeling you will have when your house is beautifully organised and uncluttered.And if you still can't let go, put it into a dedicated “Maybe” box.If the next day you're regretting putting it in there take it out again.Put the “Maybe” box out of sight and if you haven't retrieved the items in a few months, you didn't need them so out they go.


Household notebook

What time was that party on the weekend? Here's where the household notebook will save you time and frustration.Put schedules, take-out menus, phone lists, school newsletters, invites, etc into a binder. Then it's just a quick flip through to check meeting dates or find phone numbers. Also create a family message center on the refrigerator and use it for shopping lists, reminders, calendars and phone messages.

A “To Do” section in your household notebook will mean you never again forget another bill or invite.Each day take five minutes to update your to do list, pay the bills, throw the rubbish or file away anything that's done.Keeping your completed paperwork organised in a small filing cabinet or box file will save you countless hours searching for those receipts when it's tax time!


Kids' Stuff

We love to buy toys for our kids but then we spend forever picking them up and trying to find somewhere to put them.Spread favourite toys through a few boxes in the cupboard then rotate the toys once a week by bringing out a new box and putting one away.This helps to keep the toys interesting - the kids will rediscover old favourites.


The Launch pad

Assign an area in your house as the launch pad for the day.This is most likely to be by your entrance door. Here the kids can find everything they need for the day ahead; shoes, coats and hats on hooks, school bags.A fantastic idea is to assign each member of the household a tray on a shelf where they can put their school notices, library books and homework. The older members of the house can put in their car keys, fuel coupons, post and mobile phones.


NOTE: Put a basketball hoop over your child's laundry basket to encourage slam-dunking of dirty clothes.Guaranteed to always go in - eventually!


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