Let’s face facts: Nobody wants to make the bed. It’s boring. It’s monotonous. It’s one of those thankless chores, like doing dishes or laundry, where the chore just never goes away. Ever. Sure, your bed looks great once it’s made, but in 12 short hours you’re going to mess it up again anyway.

That being said, there are plenty of reasons why you should join the bedmaker bandwagon. A fluffed pillow here, a tucked sheet there, just might change your life:

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You’ll save time

Use the time you’d typically use to hit snooze and make your bed instead. Not only will this get you out of bed right away, but you’ll be less likely to hop back under the covers on those icky mornings where you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. I mean, who wants to mess up perfectly straight sheets?


You’ll start your day off right

Within the first five minutes of waking up you’ll have already accomplished something, and that sense of accomplishment will follow you throughout the day. Bam.


It may create a domino effect

Making your bed every morning may trigger you to build other healthy habits into your day. In his book “The Power of Habit,” Charles Duhigg explains:

“Making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget. It’s not that a family meal or a tidy bed causes better grades or less frivolous spending. But somehow those initial shifts start chain reactions that help other good habits take hold.”


It may make you happier

In a survey of 68,000 people by Hunch.com, 59 percent of people don’t make their beds, while only 27 percent of people do. However, 71 percent of bed makers consider themselves happy, while 62 percent of non-bed makers don’t. People who make their bed were also more likely to enjoy their job, exercise regularly, and feel well-rested, while people who didn’t… well, the opposite.


You may sleep better

A National Sleep Foundation poll found that people who make their bed regularly were also more likely to say they sleep well. (Yes please!)


It looks good, which makes you feel good

When your bed’s messy, so are you. It sounds strange, but there’s something about your bed being in order that prepares you for the day. If you leave your bed in disarray, to me that means you day’s going to turn out that way too. Plus, there’s something therapeutic about coming home from a long-ass day at work and tearing the bed apart to tuck yourself in, no?


You won’t waste your bedding

If you’re anything like me, picking out new bedding is kind of a big deal… so why put all of the effort (and money) into finding an extra special sheet and comforter set, only to leave it crumpled in the middle of your mattress? Palm. Meet face.


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