Are you having problems with your health and body fitness? Getting sunny health and fitness rowing machine is the best solution. It works effectively for any person’s fitness needs. Do not be stressed. Avoid disappointments today by purchasing this rowing machine and get your health fit real time. In case you are having hard time working with sunny rowing machine, the manufacturers are always ready to help with the issue you are facing.

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine Review


  1. Feet plates - The sunny health and fitness rowing machine is made of feet plates. This feature is very important because users are able to work out comfortably. The feet plates enable you to keep your feet firmly in position.

  2. Timer - The sunny health and fitness rowing machine helps you effectively time your fitness exercise. You only need to set the timer for the duration you need for your exercise. The timer indicates to you the lapse of your time out once your period lapses.

  3. Running seat - Users do not need to strain while using the fitness rowing machine. This incredible machine comes with a sitting allowance. You only need to seat and relax as you do your exercises while the machine is running.

  4. Feet straps - This is among the best features that the sunny health and fitness rowing machine boasts of. You do not need to move your legs up and down or from side to side. The feet straps hold your feet to steadily on position as you work out.

  5. Make - The sunny health and fitness rowing machine has a classy look. It is made of excellent features, which are high tech. Any person can easily work out with this machine, as it is automatic.


1. Efficiency

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine works efficiently because it helps increase their metabolism. Your calories reduction strategies will always work out perfectly with this machine. With the efficiency, your working out sessions will always be productive. Getting that leaner, muscular, and flexible body will never take ages again.

2. Space

The small size of Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine allows you to save space. This makes your sessions comfortable and stress free.

3. Timer

Availability of a timer in fitness rowing machine allows you to monitor the duration of your activities. You can adjust your exercise from time to time depending on your pace.


1. Affordability

Not every person can afford this machine and hence this is an inconvenience. It needs you to invest for sometime so that you can obtain this machine.

2. Assembling the parts

It is hard to put the parts together if you do not know how to assemble. It requires one to have extensive knowledge on how to put the machine parts together.

The price ranges from $65-$71.


Get the best exercise with Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine. A positive impact applies for your body fitness within few days of working out with this machine. As much as the machine has a few demerits here and there, the truth is it is worth spending your money on.


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