All girls with thick hair will know the struggles below. Read on to know more.

  1. You have to wake up earlier than everybody else so you’ll have enough time to do your hair.

  2. Or else give up hours of your evening showering and styling your thick mane.

  3. And if you sleep on it and let it dry naturally, you’ve got a lion’s mane. 

    Plus, it’s not like it’s going to DRY ON ITS OWN.

  4. You’re always running out of conditioner before you run out of shampoo.

  5. Blowdrying takes all of your strength. 

    And all of your energy bill.
  6. Cute Pinterest hair tutorials? Yeah, right! Your hair ain’t got time for that.

  7. You’re constantly putting it up and taking it down. UP AND DOWN, UP AND DOWN, and are never satisfied.

  8. Even just getting your hair into a friggin’ ponytail is a battle EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  9. And then once you do, you get a crazy headache because your hair’s so heavy.

  10. One box of hair dye? YEAH RIGHT. NEVER ENUFF!!!

  11. And if you’re having a professional do it? Be prepared to be at the salon for the next 10 hours/the rest of your life.

  12.  Brushing your hair is a one-way trip to Nightmaretown.

  13. Bobby pins? Your hair eats them.

  14. These things totally don’t work, either.

  15. You shed so much that you should travel with your own personal Dustbuster.


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