It is normal to suffer from depression when a relationship ends. You may think that you will never meet another person who will like or love you the same way as your ex. You may listen to the song “Someone like you” by Adele repeatedly days, weeks, or even months. Sometimes you will sleep with a sweater that has your ex’s perfume and wonder, “Why am I still not over my ex?” Read on and discover some of the possible reasons why you still think about your ex.

Why Am I Still Not Over My Ex?

If you are wondering this question, then you are not alone. Many others are bothered by it too, and they have found reasons. In fact, the best reasons for unable to forget an ex can generally be classified into lacking of closure, having regret, the past being too sweet, or wanting to get back together. But it may also because you have lost your hope for a future without that special person in the picture. What's more, dark feelings like jealousy may also be the culprit. Last but not least, friends and family can be the problem too. No matter what is your reason, you will get some inspiration here.

No closure

  • We did not officially declare that the relationship was over. Hence, I cannot stop thinking about my ex because I did not have closure. I am tormented mentally because I do not know the reason why I was left behind.

  • I assumed that my ex would always be in my life through it all. The fact that he or she is gone is too hard to deal with.



  • One reason why I keep thinking about my ex is the thought that our relationship would not have ended if I did certain things, like telling him how I felt honestly every time.

  • I never valued the idea of marriage and having someone waiting me to go home every day. Now I do not know if I can take care of a cat.

  • The breakup was my fault and I still cannot believe I let such a good person go.

  • I may not be over my ex because I feel guilty. I did not do anything bad when we were relating but my ex’s reaction to the separation makes me feel guilty. It feels bad to know that a broken relationship makes someone’s life worse.


Lingering feeling

  • Being in love with someone is compared to a drug addiction. The feeling after a breakup is the same feeling an addict experiences after withdrawing from a drug.

  • I have never had the willpower to delete the photos we took together from my computer. Although it tortures me inside, I keep going through them when I am alone.

  • I may not always admit it but I am still in love with my ex. I do not know how my life will end up without my ex. I wish that my ex would hold me, assure me that everything is going to be okay and say that he is still in love with me.

  • I wish I could get my ex back and the feeling gets stronger every day. I know our relationship could not be saved but I still feel that we should get back together.


The past is too beautiful

  • I liked myself better when I was in a relationship. Having my ex’s support gave me courage to take risks and explore the world.

  • I am still not over my ex because we could stay home on weekends and still have a good time. We would order a pizza and enjoy our favorite movies.

  • All I can think of since we broke up is the good times we shared. My mind seems to have filtered out all the fights and differences that led to our separation.

  • I am still not over my ex because he made me feel desired and beautiful. I no longer feel as beautiful as I felt when I was in a relationship.

  • I think my ex was more than I deserved and I am afraid I will not meet another person as good as my ex.


No confidence for future

  • The reason I am still not over my ex is that all my dates after our breakup have been disappointing. My ex is the standard for a good date.

  • Not have the strength to go through the process of knowing someone new. I want to go back to the person I already know.

  • I am not enthusiastic to do some things when I know I will be doing them alone.

  • I can't help but changed a lot, but I do not want to be the person I am slowly turning into after the breakup.



  • I know it is easier for my ex to find someone new than it is for me. I resent my ex for that.

  • Part of me feels that the new person in my ex’s life looks better than I do.


External Factors

  • Our friends refer to us as a couple often even though they know we broke up a while ago.

  • My family loved my ex and was hoping that we would get married.

  • I feel that all my friends are in relationships and they all feel sorry for me because I am single.

  • My Facebook page is full of people who are getting engaged every other day.

  • I have lost some of my friends after the breakup. I did not realize before how many of them were mutual and equally important to both of us.

  • My friends are trying their best to help me meet someone new but I do not want to start a new relationship just because I am alone.

How to Get Over an Ex for Real


Cry, cry and cry. Vent all your emotions.


Cut all ties completely to kick him or her out of your life.


Give yourself time and space to forget and move. You can stay single for some time to avoid usually disastrous rebound relationships.


Spend quality time with your family and friends. If they make you think about your ex, then go out and make new friends.


Throw all reminders away, no matter it is a toothbrush, a photo, a t-shirt, a magazine or a pair of shoes.


Do go over things again and again no matter for reliving those happy moments or analyzing how things go wrong. It's over, so just let the past be the past.


Make yourself busy and get a little fresh air with new hobbies, exercises, language classes and the like. 


Make over your look. This change of appearance can boost your mood, enhance your confidence and make you realize that you are still that pretty or handsome.


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