Having pests in the crawl space of your home can lead to serious problems. Some of these issues can include damage to your home, infestation, and illness. No matter what the pest is, the answer is still the same: get rid of it.

There are many ways to exterminate tiresome pests. The method you choose is determined by the type of pest, the most common of which are mice and other rodents. This article will show you how to identify the pest and show you ways of to eliminate it while protect yourself from them in the future.

Part 1


Step 1 - Finding the Infestation

No matter what the infestation, there are always clues that there is one. Your crawl space is a great area in the home for a myriad of pests, from spiders to raccoons and mice.

Spiders love areas of the home where they have enough privacy to build a nest; they certainly have that in a crawl space. Raccoons and other animals of the sort are looking for a place where they can keep a nest, eat, and have babies.

Mice are the same as raccoons, but they leave a far worse mess, as raccoons are very clean animals. Look for droppings, gnawed holes in wood or drywall, and any signs of food that should not be there. All are all signs that something lives in your crawlspace.


Step 2 - Prevention

For many pests, the key to solving the problem is to stopping it before it starts. Inspect your home and for cracks in the walls, foundation splits, and holes in windows. Check around pipes and other materials that enter the home. All of these areas are welcome signs.

Use a combination of mesh and wood to seal them. The next step is to clean the space. Pests love messes. Having food around or old cat litter attracts many pests.


Step 3 - Setting Traps and Pest Disposal

For spiders, grab a vacuum and suck them away. If you remove the webs and their privacy, they will have no choice but to leave. Mice are a health hazard and should be dealt with accordingly. Mice and rats love to run along the walls. Bait your mousetraps with peanut butter and lay them along this travel route on both sides. Wait several days and check the traps. Dispose of the dead mice and bait the traps again.

Certain pests like moles and skunks have a strong sense of smell. For these critters, apply red pepper spray around the foundation and inside the home. It is virtually harmless, but these animals hate it and will avoid it. Raccoons are known to be vicious, but they also are very clean. Pour ammonia in their nest and they will leave.


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