It is very important to keep fit. Working out on your body is the best way to stay healthy and disease free. Stamina air rower is an outstanding machine that is effective at helping you achieve exactly that. It is very effective and efficient for all body exercises. Personally, this machine was more than magical to me. It helped me enjoy my full body workouts. From the time I started using it, there is no doubt that I have been leaner and fitter.

Stamina Air Rower Review



  • Wind resistance - The wind resistance feature is a great feature, which allows users smooth rowing.

  • Padded seat - The seat is very comfortable with fixed pads. This gives you utmost comfort while seating.

  • Handgrips - Your hands are safe with Stamina air rower machine. The machine is made of handgrips which gives you ease when working out.

  • Rowing straps - One only needs to adjust the straps when they feel the position they are in is not comfortable. These straps provide easy and safe rowing.

  • Built-in wheels - The availability of the in-built wheels makes this machine portable. You can move it from one point to the next easily depending on where you want to position the rower.

  • Floor protectors - Is your floor giving you some inconveniences? The stamina air rower hinders skidding. You should not worry about your safety.



  • The dimensions are 77L by 18W by 22H while Folded dimensions required include 48 by 18 by 28 inches.

  • At least 250 pounds for users weight.

  • The warranty on this machine lasts for 3 years while the parts warranty is at least 90 days.



1. Speed - Stamina air rower works at an effective speed and this allows you to work out efficiently. The machine detects every move and adjusts according to the users speed. This feature enables you to work automatically. The great speed of working with this machine ensures burning of more calories.

2. Portability - Users enjoy a variety of resources. This model is perfect and suitable for any person. You can move this rower anywhere at any time. Just adjust the in-built wheels and explore any place you wish.

3. Easy seat return - It does not need a lot of effort to put the seat back to its position. You only apply little energy and the seat adjusts to its position.

4. Warranty - This machine comes along with a guarantee, in case of any damages, or malfunctioning, users can take it back for repair and check up.



Affordability - It is not easy to get this machine if one does not have money. You need to spend on some savings if you really need to work out. The price ranges from $299-$300.



Everyone needs to keep fit and healthy. Getting the Stamina air rower is an excellent option. This machine helps you burn calories and fats within a very short duration. Purchasing this rower will bring your more good than harm. You’ll start enjoying the numerous benefits in a few days.


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