The Western tradition of Spiritualist Churches use the term "spirit guide" to refer to a disincarnated spirit that act as a protector or guide to an incarnated human being. In old times, the spiritualist churches stereotyped spirit guides with Chinese, Native Americans, or Egyptians for their ancient wisdom. Other enlightened individuals and saints were also considered popular types of guides, but the term can also refer to angels, totems, nature spirits, or guardian angels.

Part 1: 4 Common Types of Spirit Guides

As mentioned, the experts divide spirit guides into different categories. Here's a bit more about different categories of guides.

Ascended Masters

These are guides found usually by people involved in Reiki or other type of energy work. An ascended master is basically a spirit guide who has lived once but has now moved on to a different spiritual level – the examples include Krishna, Buddha, and even Jesus. They work with collective groups of souls – it means an ascended master usually helps a group of people at a time because their focus is to help the entire human race.


Ancestral Guides

This type of a guide can claim some sort of kinship with you, such as your mom or dear aunt who died when you were very young. Some schools of thought take these entities as reincarnated guides because the spirits may have in contact with us in the world but have now died and moved to another world. Many people also call these guides "guardian angels".


Common Spirit Guide

Also called a teacher guide, it is archetypical representative of something else, like a storyteller, a warrior, or even a wise woman. They usually appear to help you find a better path and achieve a specific purpose. They may even help you befriend with other archetypes and help resolve issues in your life. They help you by coming in your dreams and move on when you no longer needs them.


Animal Guides

Some people believe animals can also be spirit guides, but these entities are usually companions, not a spirit guide. A deceased pet usually cannot linger around, but in some traditions, such as shamanic paths and Native Americans, you may have an animal totem, which will offer some protection and guidance.

Part 2: How Can Spirit Guides Help Us?

There are different types of spirit guides and a spirit guide can help you in many different ways.

Guiding You in the Right Direction

A spirit guide can nudge you in a direction that will help you achieve something you want. It could be as simple as finding your keys when you're running late, but then you hear your phone ring. It's an important call that you would've missed if you could've found your keys early. A spirit guide may have misplaced the keys to nudge you in a better direction.


Show Signs to Influence Your Decisions

A spirit guide can arrange synchronicities to make it easier for you to see something special. You have to pay special attention to those signals and be sensible enough to understand the message your guide is trying to pass.


Give You Gut Feelings

Some people have stronger gut feelings than others, and that's mainly because a guide pokes them in the gut to draw their attention to something more important. Have you ever had a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen but you don't know exactly what it will be? That's your spirit guide trying to warn you.


Through Flashes of Intuition

Your guide can give you intuitive insight that may sound like a voice in your head. It could be anything like "Slow Down!" when you're drying over the speed limit. These thoughts don't cross your mind without a reason – these are from your spirit guides.


Send People to Your Life

After getting together with other people's guides, your guide may make it easy for you to meet someone who can help you achieve what you want to achieve in life. This clearly explains "Chance Encounters".

Part 3: How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides


Had you known your spirit guides names it would have been a lot easier to connect with your guides. Still, you can try ways to make things easier. For beginners, start believing in the fact that there is actually a guide available for you and then you can build a connection with them. Change your state of mind first if you have doubts about connecting with your guide.

The next step is to make yourself understand that everything happens for a reason and that nothing is your imagination. You should also take steps to learn a bit about your guide – what your spirit guides names are, what they want to do for you or what they actually look like. You can always consider working with a psychic to learn more about your guide. Some psychics can really help make it easier to know at least a few of your spirit guides.


Here are some other methods you can try to find and connect with your guide:

  • Write It Down: Open a new Word document and write everything you want to ask your guides. Then, relax for a few minutes and be meditative. Now, type all the answers that come to your mind. Keep it up as if you're having a real conversation with someone. Don't stop even if it feels like the answers are coming from your imagination only. This will help establish a bond.

  • Be Meditative: A great way to develop a connection with your guide is to mediate and imagine you're in a garden, ordering your guides to appear before you and talk. Just hear what they say. Continue with this practice and you will eventually notice the connection become stronger over time.

  • Dream: Your dreams are one of the very best ways to connect with your guides and meet them in person. Just think of meeting your guides while you go to sleep at night. Think about it every night and it will happen eventually.

It is worth mentioning that the experts believe that instead of praying, begging, or asking very politely, you should instruct/order your spirit guides to appear before you and answer your questions. Learn to see them as your helpers, not your superiors.


Do you want to know how to connect your spirit guide? This video can be at your hand:


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