At least one in every five women has experienced the feeling of sore after sex. Around two-thirds of all women have ended up with dyspareunia, which in Greek means “badly mated.” The symptoms of this uncomfortable condition are usually irritation and/or dryness in the vaginal area during sex or after.

Possible Causes of Feeling Sore After Sex

Women who experience vaginal pain after sex can find it to be the result of a medical condition or a psychological reason. Most cases are the result of a physical reason but about 10 percent still are the result of a psychological issue. Try to handle the following situations appropriately and they could resolve your problems.

Lack of Lubrication

As women get older and usually as they are going through menopause, they experience diminished lubrication in their vaginal area. The vaginal tissues are delicate enough already so if they are not properly lubricated the result will be a painful, swollen and possibly itchy vaginal area. This could last for several hours after having sex or days later.



There are several things that women can be allergic to that could result in pain after sex. Allergies to certain condoms or spermicides are fairly common and can be easily rectified. Try different brands to see if you can find one that doesn’t cause a reaction.

If you have already found yourself to be allergic to semen, you should make sure to void right after sex and wash yourself with lukewarm water and a pure soap that has no perfumes. Make sure you do not use a douche or feminine products that have additional scents or additives that could create a rash.


Maintain Proper Hygiene

You should always keep your vaginal area clean to avoid dyspareunia as well as infections in general. Find a soap that doesn’t give you a reaction or rash. There are many soaps and feminine products that keep additional ingredients to a minimum.


Don’t Ignore an STD

If you think you may have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), it could cause you to feel sore after sex. Herpes can cause you to have genital warts in and around your vagina creating pain during and after sex. Make sure that you have any potential STDs diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.



There are some diseases that can make a woman sore after sex including: pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroid tumors, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and endometriosis.


Insufficient Stimulation

Men and women are different enough but when it comes to sex the differences could result in soreness for the woman. Men only need about two minutes of stimulation in order to be ready for intercourse; women need anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes in order to fully be ready for sex.


Other Causes

Other reasons for experiencing soreness during or after sex include vaginismus, where the vaginal muscles become tight and make it almost impossible to experience intercourse. If you are experiencing menopause you will find your hormone levels have changed. This could also contribute to a painful sexual experience.

Other Reactions Women May Have After Sex

If you are not experiencing after sex but you do have other issues, check out these six reactions and see if any of them apply to you.


Do you find yourself a little on the weepy side after having sex? Bursting into tears after intercourse, unless caused by a specific reason, is a normal occurrence, so there is no need to worry. Many professionals feel it is a form of store up tension. They liken it to an orgasm of sorts with a buildup and then a release that leaves you feeling better afterwards.


An Intense Desire to Be Alone

While many women love to bask in the afterglow of sex and enjoy snuggling and spooning, there are some women who want to remove themselves from the situation completely. You may want to be alone afterward to get your thoughts together. It is better to follow your feelings so you don’t say something out of stress that could cause an unnecessary fight.


Temporary Amnesia

If you have ever felt frightened because you lost your memory temporarily after having sex, it could actually be a real condition called transient global amnesia. This condition occurs when there is a temporary restriction of the blood flow to the brain. Besides causing a mini-stroke or a blackout from an orgasm, it could be the result of too much exercise at one time.



Let’s face it, sexual intercourse can be a very strenuous activity. If you feel hungry afterward, it would be normal to feel hungry. The typical number of calories you can burn during a 30-minute sexual romp could be from 150 to 200. The more rigorous your sexual activities are, the more calories you will burn. Engaging in a second act will burn off even more calories. Having a bite to eat is not anything that would be considered an abnormal activity.


Sore Throats

While engaging in sex you may be breathing more heavily than you usually do and you may be doing it with your mouth open. Developing a sore throat could be from this change in breathing which could create a dry mouth. If this happens to you, try having water available to you right after sex so you can hydrate yourself. You should also check that the sore throat is not the result in any kind of STD, such as thrush, or from having oral sex with someone you have just begun seeing. Make sure they do not have any type of STD that could be spreading to you.


Bad Headaches

There are many people who end up with a headache right after having sex. This condition has earned the name of coital cephalgia. Because having sex is a form of physical activity, it creates an increased heart rate and can affect your blood pressure levels. It would be smart to see a doctor first to rule out anything more serious.


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