The world has its dangers and being nervous about it is just part of being human. It only becomes a problem when it is so overwhelming that your life is affected. Avoid anticipating trouble or worrying about things that may never happen. Be positive. Almost everyone suffers from nervousness at some point in their lives. It is not such a serious problem. One of the best skills you can try is to calm yourself down via soothing music, which can go a long way to help handle the situation.

Songs About Being Nervous


It’s My Life -- Bon Jovi

This song encourages living the reality-based life. Your life is too short to waste time being nervous. The power to make choices is in your hands. This is your life, so live it to the fullest. It cannot be said better. Very inspiring!


I Won’t Back Down --Tom Petty

This song will bring you back from the depth of anxiety to sanity. It will help you break free from the fear that is taking you down. No backing down! This is the right attitude to face nervousness and handle it as it comes. Move on, keep fighting and gradually you will overcome all the fear, both existing or imagined.


Make It Happen -- Mariah Carey

The title is clear! Don’t just sit expecting nervousness to go away on its own. You have to do something to get rid of it. Yes. Wake up and face it! Many people spend so many years waiting for their anxiety to disappear only to realize that they need to have faith and take care of it. The lyrics of this song will give you the courage to face your nervousness. This has to be one of the best songs about being nervous!


19th Nervous Breakdown --The Rolling Stones

This is a favorite when it comes to dealing with nervousness, and for obvious reasons. It is about anxiety; it has a killer chorus and of course, it’s the Stones! You know what? Don’t worry baby, it’s just your 19th nervous breakdown. You’re going to be fine.


Needle In The Hay -- Elliott Smith

Some say they cannot listen to this song without associating it to the suicide scene from The Royal Tenenbaums. And this definitely makes it perfect to handle nervousness. Are you nervous? How about getting yourself Elliott Smith’s entire collection? This will save you a lot of trouble. Elliotts will speak to your heart. Trust me.


Bring It On -- Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Are you looking for songs about being nervous? Here is a perfect one for you. It talks about living life with courage and acceptance. Whether it is joy or sadness, dark or light, take it as it comes. Do not try to control what is beyond you. It will only cause anxiety. Just accept, be courageous and handle it. You will make it.


The Climb -- Miley Cyrus

The lyrics in this song are very encouraging. It will definitely bring down your nervousness. It gives you a reason to hold on, no matter what. You just have to keep going! Face the anxiety head on!


Throw Ya Hands Up -- Stereos

This song is very energetic. It will bring you back to life when you feel anxious, confused, and unsure of the next move. It emphasizes on just letting life happen. There is no need to worry about things you cannot change. Just throw your hands in the air and have some fun!


Basketcase -- Green Day

Songs about being nervous are many. But none beats Basketcase. Green Day just captured the boredom and insanity of youth perfectly. Everything that you need to hear to handle anxiety is summed up in this song. All you need to do is sit down and enjoy the beats and the lyrics.


Europe -- Final Countdown

This 80’s metal song will give you the push you need to face your fears. It is a perfect choice when you are preparing to face nervousness head on. To get relief, you have to commit to your goal and ensure you achieve it. Listen to it when you are deliberately getting into a situation that will make you nervous. You will surely break free.


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