Admiring and loving someone from afar is easy but confessing your true feelings to the person is difficult. Not every person can express his or her love with words. If you cannot find the right words to express your feelings, allow songs to talk on your behalf. Here is a list of songs you can play or dedicate to the one you love.

Songs About Admiring Someone


“Lovesong” by The Cure

The singer tells about his feelings when he is around his lover. He only repeats eight lines throughout the song, which are easy to remember. The lyrics have a straightforward message that makes the song perfect if you want to send your crush some clues about your true feelings.


“Everlong” by Foo Fighters

The writer of this song shares his experience of loving a new woman after his marriage broke. The song talks of a deep physical and spiritual connection with someone which creates a perfect harmony when you sing along together. The song is perfect to express the feelings you have kept for so long.


“Stand Inside Your Love” by The Smashing Pumpkins

Here is another song with straightforward lyrics that you can use to express your admiration. The song talks about the singer’s deep admiration for an unnamed person. Everything proves that the two are meant and bound to be together.


“Echo” by Incubus

The singer tells of the simple things that make the lover admirable and lovable. This is a great song to share with someone during intimate moments or when you are just hanging out together. It will help you realize the little things that keep you connected emotionally.


“Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band

This is one of the top songs about admiring someone. It is the perfect song to listen to and share when you are obsessed with someone and can no longer hide your feelings. The song will create the perfect mood if you intend to get intimate with your crush.


“Digital Love” by Daft Punk

Singing this song along with your crush is a good way to let your crush know how he or she makes you feel. One of the memorable lines talks that two people realize the right time to wrap their arms around each other has come. It will create a perfect moment to level things up as you listen to it together.


“My Heart Sings” by 311

You will start imagining yourself in a beach bar with your crush when you listen to this slow-paced reggae. The song will also help you relive the moments you have shared with the one you love. It is sweet and straightforward about the singer’s admiration for that special someone.


“Sometimes” by Nine Days

If you are admiring someone you lost, this is the perfect song for you. You can dedicate the song to that special someone to show that you are ready to make amends and start all over again.


“I Think I love You” by Partridge Family

Keith Partridge tells a story of how he woke up one day confessing that he loved someone. Many men can relate to the feelings this song evokes. Besides, the title of the top classic will send hints about your feelings to the person you admire.


“Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue

This is one of the best classic songs about admiring someone with a clear message. The song talks about a deep admiration that eventually becomes an obsession. You can be sure that your crush will not forget the title of the song when you dedicate it to him or her.


“Crazy for You” by Madonna

The classic will help you relive the first memorable moments with the special someone or help express your desire for such moments. Madonna describes a perfect evening with a lover crowned with the first dance, first kiss, and the lover’s incredible heart.


“Crush” by David Archuleta

The title of this song alone sends the message you are trying to send across to a long-time friend or someone you admire secretly. David is trying to get the attention of a girl in the song. He is mesmerized in a way that he can no longer hide it, which may be the right description of your feelings.


“I Will Follow Him” by Little Peggy March

The song talks about deep devotion and commitment to the person you love. If you have finally found the one you love, dedicate this song to him or her to build a long-term relationship together.


“I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles

This is one of the top classic love songs. It expresses the joy and beauty of holding hands. Sharing the song with someone you admire will express your desire to be with him or her perfectly.


“Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion

The last song on our list of songs about admiring someone is a classic by Celine Dion. The song will make you imagine that you are in a concert belting your heart out as you express your love for your crush or lover.


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