You have a condo to rent, but how do you go about getting somebody interested in it? The rentable condo market is quite full of options so you need to make your own stand out a bit, no matter where it is situated. This requires some work and patience – this is the kind of deal that pays out in the long run, so you need to diligently work and have the patience to wait out till the offers come. It is not hard work, actually, just a matter of good organising and advertizing, which will land you a suitable tenant to get on with moving house to your place. And here are some ideas about how to do so.

Smart Ideas to Successfully Rent Out Your Condo


Set the right price

This is not so much of a smart idea as it is a necessary one. You need to carefully evaluate your own condo’s price and the size of the rent should be big enough to handle your own expenses on maintenance and taxes, and small enough to be acceptable to potential renters. Don’t go either too high, or too low with the price. If you don’t want to hire a real estate agent to evaluate it for you, then just browse some other condos that have similar features to yours and pick a similar price – but always strive to have one that will be lucrative to customers.


Have all the furniture

Of course, you need to have the condo fully furbished. Nothing should be lacking, from a bed, to an ottoman next to the coffee table. Make sure everything that can bring comfort is available and fit for use. Never offer broken furniture, never offer half of furniture. Always give it all to get the attention and then the customer.


Have all the amenities

Offer every amenity you can think of: TV, radio, internet, air conditioning, etc. And make sure everything is in proper working order. People can’t always bring their own furniture or TVs, so provide them with it. You don’t have to pay for cable or internet, but make sure that the best cable and internet providers have access to the address. Always provide the best for your renters and they will direct their removal vans to your condos like moths go toward a light source.


Have a themed décor

If you provide a stylish décor, you offer your potential tenants more comfort and you will be letting them live with a sense of style. Of course, you should be flexible with the décor and if the renters want something else, let them redecorate it as they wish, provided they don’t throw anything away and put everything back in place if and when they decide to leave.


Have an on-hand approach

Promise your renters that there will always be somebody there to take care of emergencies. Have a list of services you can provide any potential customer that comes knocking at your door: from a moving company or man and van company to get them here to an expert electrician or plumber to take care of the condo if something happens.


Don’t artificially inflate the price with décor

Avoid decorating the condo just so that you can charge a bigger rent. Such attempts are transparent and potential renters will be put off by them.

Apply these ideas and advertize your condo wherever you see fit – in papers, on the radio, on the internet, place paper ads, and, most importantly, give a real estate agency the chance to advertize it as well. Now you can sit back and wait – the renters’ moving vans will soon appear on the horizon.

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