Skinless chicken thighs provide essential nutrients, are rich in proteins and are more flavorful and moister than chicken breasts. Used in controlled portions and when cooked the right way, chicken thighs can help you stay a healthy life. It is important to know the skin or skinless chicken thigh calories so you can limit its portions accordingly in your diet.

Skinless Chicken Thigh Calories

The following table gives you information of the skinless chicken thigh calories and other nutrients, as well as nutrition facts in other kinds of chicken thighs, so you can learn which one is suitable for you.

All the information below is the amount in per 1 oz. chicken thighs.

Low Calories Skinless Chicken Thigh Recipe

Calories in skinless chicken thigh are quite less when cooked the right way. Here is a great and tasty skinless chicken thigh recipe for you with fewer calories.

Ÿ Directions

1. Put rack in oven’s upper third portion. Preheat broiler and coat it with cooking spray.

2. Whisk mixed spices, mango chutney and yogurt in a bowl. Add in chicken and coat it.

3. Take out chicken and put it in the broiler pan. Sprinkle salt on it. Broil the four chicken thighs for 15 minutes on each side.

4. Combine mint, brown sugar, vinegar, onion and mango with salt in a bowl and serve chicken thighs with this salad.

5. Enjoy the delicious chicken thigh meal with less skinless chicken thigh calories.


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