Smoking is an addiction that causes many health problems, many of which lead to death. Many are forced to quit smoking because of acquiring these health problems. However, it should not take debilitating health issues to quit such a dangerous drug, your skin condition along can help you make up your mind because the change in a person’s skin after quitting smoking almost seems miraculous.

Part 1: Oxygen: A Necessity for Beautiful Skin

When a person smokes, oxygen levels in the body are depleted. This depletion of oxygen is visually seen in the skin. Your skin can benefit in many ways after quitting smoking.

Clear skin: When a person does quit smoking, skin benefits! Smoking causes a drop in oxygen. This means that a smoker’s skin is constantly lacking in oxygen, causing dull and faded skin and many times causing breakouts. A smoker’s skin is dry and unmanageable. One of the most obvious skin benefits after quitting smoking is clearer skin.


Brightened eyes: An increase in oxygen creates a more even brightness in a person’s eyes. Smoking takes away the oxygen in the system and creates dull skin and eyes.


Reduced facial wrinkles: To quit smoking benefits skin in ways that can make you look younger, or at least reverse the early signs of aging that smoking has caused. Fine lines and wrinkles are some of these early signs of aging. These wrinkles are not only caused by dry skin, but also by the tightening of facial muscles while “hitting” a cigarette and squinting while trying to keep smoke from your eyes.


Cleaner looking nails and teeth: Nicotine stains teeth and nails yellow. Over time, a person who quits smoking will see this yellowing dissipate.


Glowing skin: Quitting smoking will cause skin to be more moisturized naturally, allowing skin to once again have its natural glow.

Part 2: Other Benefits of Quitting Smoking

There are many other benefits other than the changes of skin after quitting smoking. In addition to looking better, a person who quits smoking will also feel better in many ways.

More energy: When a person quits smoking and their lungs are eventually cleared, the increase in available oxygen will create more energy.


Food tastes better: Nicotine numbs taste. Many non-smokers find themselves using less spices and seasoning on foods because they can once again enjoy the taste. Fresh berries and other fresh fruits no longer sting the tongue. It is absolutely amazing how much better anything and everything tastes when a person quits smoking!


Non-smokers smell better: Nicotine and tobacco smells horrible. Smokers do not realize this because of the scents being numbed by the nicotine. People who quit smoking no longer carry that rancid scent on their clothes and in their hair. This smell is absolutely disgusting to non-smokers. Even smokers who quit feel the need to rewash bedding, clothing, and the interior of their vehicle just to get rid of that horrid odor.


More time: Many places of business no longer allow smoking in their facilities. Smokers constantly have to take a “smoke break” and leave their current situation in order to “enjoy” a cigarette. When a person quits smoking, it opens up all that “smoking” time to do something most likely more engaging.

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