Six Star whey protein is for those who are looking to take building muscle to the next level. The makers took your basic whey protein, enhanced the core ingredients to boost muscle strength, and made it absorb faster. This way you recover more quickly after a workout. There was a Six Star whey protein review done after a study showed that in a 6-month period, subjects who took the Six Star compared to normal whey protein gained at least 70% more lean muscle.

A Review of Six Star Whey Protein

Makers of Six Star whey protein worked closely with a panel of chefs to give it a taste that would be loved by everyone. It comes in several different flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream. Several people have weighed in to give whey protein elite series reviews.

On average, people rated it an eight out of ten. Those who gave Six Star whey protein a review say that the main benefit of this compared to others is the taste. They don't dread taking it on a daily basis. Some, however, said it didn't mix well, but overall they were satisfied.

Another benefit that Six Star offers is it is 30 mg per scoop and its low price gives you great bang for your buck. They say that Six Star whey protein is prefect for anyone who is looking to get into weightlifting and building muscle. This is the prefect starter protein shake because it is easy on your stomach and is enjoyable as well.

It is important to stay fit and replenished after working out. That is why so many people have resorted to the Six Star whey protein. With it being genetically engineered to benefit you not bring you down, it is obvious why this drink has received such high praise.


  • Don’t use this product to lose weight and use it only as a supplement.

  • You should not use it as well if you’re pregnant or nursing.


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