Who doesn't want a happy marriage with a loving wife, a gentle husband and cute kids? But the more beautiful the imagination is, the more pain cheating brings into one's heart. The thought of having an unfaithful wife haunts many married men. A man’s skin will crawl at the mere thought that his wife is touching another man. You need to know the signs to look out for when you suspect that your wife is unfaithful before you make any accusation. 

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating


Increased attention on her appearance

Women go to any length to look good for their men while dating. However, they pay less attention to their appearance after being married for a while. You should be worried if your woman starts paying much attention to her dressing out of the blue. If she dresses better when going out with her girlfriends than when going out with you, chances are that she is trying to attract and impress another man.


She is no longer interested in sex

Sex helps couples to build intimacy in their relationship. Your wife could be cheating if she lost the urge or interest in having sex with you. Chances are that she is having sex with another lover.


She has an ever-busy schedule

Check her response whenever you pay her a surprise visit and offer to buy her lunch or dinner. Is she open to your surprise or is she quick to rush you out and ask you to postpone the date? Do you still fit in her schedule as you used to? You can tell that your wife is cheating if she never has time for you. A woman will do anything in the world to be with her man when she is in love. Your wife is probably dining with another man if she is always making excuses for not dining with you.


She demands privacy

One of the signs your wife is cheating is increased privacy, especially with her phone. Does she hide the phone from you or ignore others' calls or texts in front of you more than before? Has she changed it from ringing to vibration? Is she giggling at messages that she cannot allow you to read and texting more than she used to? Also check out if she has a second phone. Demanding privacy out of the blue and unwillingness to share are clear signs of cheating.


She can't stop nagging

Cheating wives often nag their husbands and interrupt normal communication. A cheating wife picks an argument and lashes out at any form of provocation. The constant nagging makes the relationship look like it is not working, which justifies her actions.


She makes new mysterious friends

Your woman could be cheating on you if she suddenly has new friends that you know nothing about. If she is unwilling to give you full information of her new friends that take all her time, chances are that she is seeing someone else. You do not need an expert or psychologist to tell you that your wife is unfaithful with such telltale signs.


She asks for independence

One of the early signs of cheating is independence. When a woman is cheating, she will not share her time or sensitive information with you because you will discover her unfaithfulness. Watch out if she replaces “we” with “you and me” in her conversations. She is simply saying you are no longer in her picture and future plans.


Her eye will betray her

Does your wife scan the room more than she used to when you are with her in a public place? Does she pay less attention to you? Even if she has told her new partner about you, she will always be on the lookout in case he appears unexpectedly. One of the direct signs your wife is cheating is avoiding eye contact when you start talking about your feelings. If she cannot look straight into your eyes when she says, “I love you,” there is a problem in your relationship.


She changes her passwords frequently

A cheating spouse keeps on changing his or her access details to hide the affair. If your wife is always changing her computer, mobile phone, social media or email passwords, she is hiding something from you.


New status on social media matter

If your wife changes her social media account to look single, she is cheating on you. Another telltale sign is removing photos of you together and using a solo photo as a profile picture. Besides, consider the number of hours she spends on social media in a day as well.


She avoids family events

Be worried if your partner is suddenly avoiding events and people that were previously a priority to her. Everyone has a unique way of balancing work and family. The key is to find out if it is unlike her to pull away from some events. You should be concerned if she uses work as an excuse for not spending time with the kids or not attending the family gathering if that has not been the case.


She gets new private hobbies

It is exciting when your wife finds a new hobby especially one that promotes her health. However, a sudden interest in a new hobby is among the signs your wife is cheating. Consider the number of hours she dedicates to a new hobby. For instance, you should be worried if she is suddenly jogging or running for three hours every night. Is she willing to share her jogging route or who she runs together with? You have a reason to worry if she wants to remain vague about her newly found hobby.


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