How do you know if the handsome guy you have been dating is into you or not? Stop looking for big clues like fancy dinners, gifts, or flowers to be certain that he does like you. Instead, look for the little things he does when you are on a date and in between dates. 

Signs He’s Into You


He calls you just because he feels like it

A man who is into you will not wait for days after a date to call you. He will call you just to check how your day was or just to say hello. Have some small talk and appreciate his care and attention.


He wants to spend time with you

He does not only call you but also wants to hang out with you regularly, like wanting to watch movies with you, inviting you to have coffee after work, arranging dinner plans, etc. Seek his company in return if you want to be with him.


He gives you time, busy or not

He takes time out of his busy schedule to be with you. And he's definitely into you if he wants to see you before going on a long trip, calls you while he is away, or promises to call when he returns. Make time for him as well even if you have a busy schedule to grow the thing between you two into a serious relationship.


He introduces you to his friends

One of the signs he’s into you is that he includes you in all aspects of his life. His friends know you, not only your sexy looks but also your amazing, funny and charming characteristics. Make efforts to know about and get along with his friends as a sign of appreciation.


He looks into your eyes

Your boy is into you if he feels comfortable enough to look into your eyes. Enjoy and return his gaze with smiles.


He respects you

You should know that a man who likes you ensures that you are part of every conversation. He asks questions and listens to your opinion. You should reciprocate his love by listening and responding to his opinion.

What's more, he remains quiet or laughs when his friends make crude jokes in your presence. He also avoids doing anything or saying anything that might offend you.


He initiates physical contacts

A man who genuinely likes you may be less demonstrative than players but he will touch you occasionally and "accidentally". He will hold your hand, pat your back, or touch your arm while holding a conversation. Such gestures show intimacy, respect, and interest. Respond by touching him gently if it feels right and comfortable.


He urges you to pursue your interests

One of the signs he’s into you is his interest in your interests. He asks about them and encourages you to pursue them even if they are not appealing to him. Reciprocate this gesture by asking him about his interests and hobbies.


He enjoys talking to you

It is annoying to chat with someone who takes hours to respond to a text. It is even worse when he responds with a few words like, “I am okay. You?” A guy who is into you will keep the conversation going by asking intriguing questions, bringing up interesting topics or responding to questions with long answers.


He wants you to be part of his passion

A man will only share his world with you if he wants you to know what makes him happy and passionate. It is not that easy for men to open up to women about his life, dreams, goals, career, etc.


He feels relaxed and happy when he is with you

If a man always feels down whenever he is with you, he probably wants to be with someone else. Although it is normal for him to need some space occasionally, you need to reconsider your relationship if it becomes the norm.


He enjoys flirting with you

People flirt when they want to get on a roll but sometimes flirting is a sign of deeper feelings. He is into you if he flirts with you all day or night.


He is jealous when you are with other guys

One of the clear signs he’s into you is showing up whenever another guy tries to talk to you. He intrudes because he just doesn't want you to get to know other guys.


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