Sometimes it is hard for women to identify toxic guys, but they can look for some clear signs that show a guy is a jerk. Women get excited about getting into new relationships, but they must be careful not to end up with jerks, since dating a jerk is the most heartbreaking thing. This article outlines some of the clear signs that he’s a jerk.

Signs He’s a Jerk


He laughs at other people’s flaws

You may not notice it at first because you think that he is just fond of telling jokes, but later you will realize that he is being mean and he makes fun of you. If you look further, you will also realize that he is venting out his bad feelings by laughing at others.


He criticizes everything you do

A jerk criticizes everything about you including your schedule and sense of style. He even suggests that you should cut your hair, because he thinks it's ugly. Run away from a person who criticizes you for such things, because he is just trying to change you into another person.


He says he likes other women who are different from you

If your guy likes such kind of women whose appearances or behaviors are totally different from you and he tries to change you into the woman he prefers, then you should never put up with such a guy. Excuse yourself from the relationship as soon as he talks about the topic.


He does not make any effort to satisfy you in bed

A jerk does not engage in any foreplay, finishes as soon as he starts, or leaves you to do all the hard work. You can teach an incompetent guy how to please you in bed, but a jerk has a selfish approach to sex. He ignores your requirements and starts a new routine as long as he is satisfied. 


He blames you for all the mistakes

One of the signs he’s a jerk is he blames you immediately when there is something wrong with your relationship. He does not find out his own problem or listen to your reasons or explanations. He just blames you for ruining the relationship and may even rub it in your face. If he is a musician, he will post a song about a girl who ruins his life.


He does not console you when you are down

A guy, being a big jerk, is unmoved when you ask him to console you. Support is one of the basic things you should both expect and provide in a relationship. You are not asking for too much when you ask for a shoulder to cry on.


He pouts when you cannot be with him

It is understandable when a guy wants to be with you all the time. What separates a great guy from a jerk is how he reacts when you say you are busy. A great guy expresses his disappointment and says how much he will miss you. A jerk takes you on a guilt trip, pouts, and gives you a cold shoulder.


He trashes his ex girlfriend

If a guy talks ill of his ex girlfriend and blames her for their broken relationship, he will do the same to you if your relationship breaks. A person who plays the victim role in every failed relationship is probably not telling the truth.


He is always talking about himself

It is okay for a man to be confident and love himself. However, you need to worry if his self-confidence and love are extreme. A jerk talks about his goals and amazing qualities all the time.


He admires other women when he is with you

If a guy is always admiring and commenting about other women’s bodies when he is on a date with you, you need to run away from him. Such behavior is one of the clear signs he’s a jerk.


He never offers to pay

A man does not have to pay every time you go out, but he should at least show he is willing to pay. You may not have any good future with a guy who never offers to pay.


He does not care how you get home

A man is probably a jerk if he does not care how you get to the meeting place and back home or offer you a ride occasionally.


He only calls when he needs you

Calling only when he wants something from you is a clear sign that is he is a jerk.


He never keeps his promises

He makes so many promises but does not keep any. You cannot depend on him or consider him for a life partner.


He has several bad habits

If he has drug problems, an alcohol addiction, a hot temper, a propensity for violence, or he is disrespectful to women, you need to reconsider your relationship.


Your needs and feelings are not a priority to him

One of the signs he’s a jerk is that he is always too busy for you. He is inconsistent, unpredictable, and unreliable.


He crosses your boundaries

He is in a hurry to get into a relationship and asks very personal questions immediately after meeting you. He wants to rule over all aspects of your life including your job, family, and finances.


Your gut tells you something is wrong with him

If you have a feeling that he is bad news from the moment you meet him, do not ignore your intuition. It does not tell you about the past or future but gives you an accurate judgment of the present moment. 


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