Of course you can throw your ex's stuff away. Some of us cannot afford to relocate to another neighborhood after a breakup or any other traumatizing event. You may not have a chance to fly to another town and enjoy fruity cocktails to nurse your heartache. The quickest way to get over your ex is to get rid of all the debris that remains after a breakup. But as simple as it seems, you may find yourself in the dilemma--throw the stuff away or return them. Read on and learn what you should throw away and what to return to your ex.

When Should I Throw Away My Ex's Stuff?

Congratulations to you if your breakup was nice and amicable. But if you had a heated breakup, both of you need time to cool off before you can think of how to deal with those stuff. Depending on your unique condition, the cooling period should be a few days to about two weeks. However, if the breakup takes place at home, you can give him or her stuff back immediately. Do it in a civil manner instead of yelling and whirling around the house.

Do not throw away or return stuff to your ex as a way of hurting or getting back at him or her. If you are still angry and frustrated with your ex, give yourself time to calm down. But do not take too long to return or throw away the stuff. Do not prolong the breakup. Your ex’s stuff will hang over your head longer than necessary and getting rid of them will bring closure. In addition, throwing away stuff or returning stuff long after the breakup might look like you were looking for an opportunity to reconnect with your ex. 

Which to Throw Away and Which to Keep

Should I throw away my ex’s stuff, return them or keep them? Here is a guide on what to keep and what to throw away.


Do not throw away the letters. You may be going through deep pain but you will want to read them a couple of years down the line. But do not read them until you are totally healed from the breakup and can read them with a smile and without regret.



You can continue wearing clothes from your ex as long as they are comfortable. Do not inform your current partner that the clothes belong to your ex because that may bring a conflict. However, consider throwing them away if you keep sniffing them to smell your ex’s perfume or cannot hold them without weeping.


Sex Toys

If you bought them for your ex, give them to him or her after the breakup or throw them away. However, you can keep any toy that you bought for your own pleasure.



Throw away all the photos as you get rid of all the bad memories. Burning photos will help you release the sadness and anger.


Text Messages

Avoid going through past messages from your ex. One way to start your healing process and move forward is to delete all old messages and his or her number as well.


Social Media

Your social media accounts should reflect your single status. Delete your ex from all your social media accounts, update your status and upload a profile picture of you alone. If you had a bad relationship, remove your ex completely from your Instagram and Facebook account.



Should I throw away my ex’s stuff such as sweet lovely cards? Yes or at least you should shelve them. The sweet messages in the cards will hold you back and bring bad feelings because the relationship has changed. Get rid of all anniversary, holiday, and Valentine’s Day cards.


More Tips on Handling Ex's Stuff

  • Offer to give the stuff back and toss it if he does not take it back;

  • Sell jewelry from your ex to a pawnshop or give it away;

  • Donate your all ex’s stuff;

  • Keep expensive jewelry if you think you will regret later for tossing it;

  • Sell all souvenirs at a garage sale;

  • Leave the stuff to accumulate dust in your room;

  • Burn all the ridiculous stuff from your ex if you cannot stand them anymore;

  • Send embarrassing items to his mother if the breakup was really bad;

  • Send all sex toys and your lingerie to the girl he cheated on you with a note saying she cannot do it like you did but she can try;

  • Post the items on sale on his Facebook timeline;

  • Keep using the stuff that he or she gave that you really liked;

  • Post a video of you burning all his stuff on his Facebook timeline so that people can see his true personality;

  • Give all the clothes he gave you to your neighbours and ask if they would want any of the items;

  • Still asking yourself "How should I throw away my ex’s stuff?" Just put them in a garbage bag one piece at a time and throw them in the nearest dumpster or donation bin. Remind yourself why you deserve better;

  • Start a DIY project with some of the stuff you do not mind destroying.


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