Talking about attraction, eye contact is a primary factor. With eye contact, you can send messages to a girl that you are interested with her, or you can tell if the girl is interested with you as well. But what if she avoids eye contact with you? Does that mean she doesn’t like you? Or is she just shy? That really depends and this article will help you figure things out.

She Avoids Eye Contact with Me: What Does It Mean?

Through eye contact, you can easily tell if a girl is into you. If she looks at you more often, then most likely she is attracted to you. But what if she avoids looking at you? There is still possibility that she likes you. Here comes the detail.
  • A girl avoiding eye contact with you doesn’t mean she dislikes you. She is just uncomfortable with the idea that you’ve seen her checking you out. A girl who likes you would also prefer to be in a group, so when you come close, she will not feel awkward.

  • Some woman will look at the guy she likes from afar, but tries to look away as he comes closer. There is also some woman who will try to establish eye contact with the guy she has a crush on but could not maintain it to the last.

  • It can also be that when you are with her and her friends, you will notice that everyone is looking at you except for her. She is looking at her side, above or even below but just doesn't look in your direction.

  • There are also girls who would try to ignore you even if she likes you. Sometimes she will try to rush things around or go away so that you won’t have the opportunity to approach and start a conversation with her. She may also try to act as if she's busy, like talking on her phone. But the truth is that she just shy and afraid that you might come near.

In all the cases above, even if the girl avoids eye contact with you all the time, she is still into you and hopes (afraid and nervous at the same time) that she could get close to you and talk to you.

Other Nonverbal Signs Indicating a Girl Likes You

When a girl avoids eye contact with you, it could either mean she likes or dislikes you. That is why other nonverbal signs should also be considered. The following nonverbal signs will help you tell what the girl of your dream really trying to tell you.

Check the space between you two

If a woman is interested in you, she will try to let you flirt with her by getting closer to you physically. Now you can’t say “She dislikes me and she avoids eye contact with me” because she has gone too near to you. But if you notice she’s trying to back off each time you come near, take it as a red flag.


Look at her lips

When a woman is sexually attracted to a man, she will subtly bite her lower lips or try to show off by putting on her favorite lipstick in front of the man.


She flicks her hair

Another nonverbal sign you should check is the way the woman plays with her hair while in front of you. She will unconsciously comb it with her fingers, twist it around, or tuck it behind her ears.


Check for hand signals

An attracted woman would usually feel nervous when you are around. To cope with this nervousness, she would try to fidget around, playing with anything she can get. For example, she may play with her drinks or sometimes fiddles with her jewelries.


Check out her legs

According to studies, if a woman is attracted, she will try to show you her attractiveness by crossing and uncrossing her legs in front you. You will also notice that her feet are pointed towards you. Women do this unconsciously, so it's an accurate sign.


Look at the way she stands

Most of the time, when a woman likes you, she will try to stand up gracefully especially when she’s near you. Women unconsciously push their chest out to enhance their breasts, which men find attractive.


Look at her smile

You can easily tell if a woman is into you by her smile. When you see her smile at you, respond by giving her a friendly but sexy smile. Besides, if a woman likes you, she will laugh at all of your jokes even if they are not funny. Still asking the question “Does she like me even if she avoids eye contact with me?”? This last nonverbal cue will definitely help you decode her gestures.


Check for postural echo

According to studies, men and women subconsciously “mirror” the action of the person they are attracted to. For example, check if she leans back when you lean to her, or if she picks up her drink when you pick up yours. 


Look at her skin

A girl who likes you will try to feminize herself to get your attention. She may try to expose some of her skin and put the sexy part of her body on display to catch your attention. For example, she may stroke her hair to show her neck.


She is touchy

Does she like me if she avoids eye contact with me? Yes! She is definitely attracted to you if she is touchy. She may subtly touch your arms, rub your back or give you a sweet pat on the shoulder. If she tries to touch your wrist, then that is a sure signal that she is into you.


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