Aside from puberty, one of the milestones that a man encounters in his life is when he is taught by his father how to shave. This is a simple routine and a crucial part of practicing good hygiene. But learning how to stroke the razor and how to choose the right razor is not enough to shave correctly. Another question that men commonly ask is the right time one should shave. Should it be done before or after shower? In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of shaving before and after shower will be discussed for your enlightenment.

Shave Before or After Shower

Shave before shower


  • The little hairs left during shaving will be rinsed when you shower. This will save you the trouble of having hairs pricking you here and there.

  • The white foam left by the shaving cream or soap will automatically get rinsed when you shower, so there’s no need to wash the spot you just shaved.

  • Your face has natural oils which can help you shave smoother and cleaner. If you shave after shower, these oils are washed away increasing the possibility of you cutting your skin. 

  • It is best to shave before taking a shower if you are using an electric razor. Electric razors are easier to operate around your face when there is absence of moisture. Besides, dry hairs also stick easily on the mesh of electric razors. This way, you will get a cleaner shave.


  • When the hair is dry, it won't be soft enough for shaving. Even if you wipe it with a damp cloth, it will not be as soft and moisturized as it is when you steam it all throughout your shower time.

  • Opting to do a manual shaving without prepping your skin properly may lead to irritations, redness or cuts and your razor may easily wear. Always bear this in mind when thinking about whether to shave before or after shower.

Shave after shower


  • The warm water opens your pores and makes your facial skin and hair soft. When this happens, it is easier for your razor to cut hair due to absence of resistance. It will prevent you from getting cuts and irritations.

  • Taking a shower will also make you feel more awake making you more focused when shaving. This technique also helps you save time because instead of taking time to get a towel soaked in hot water to wet your dry hair, the steam while you shower already does the job for you.

  • Besides, hot water relaxes your whole body including your facial muscles. When your facial muscles are relaxed, it is easier for you to let the razor pass through the contours of your face. Take note of this especially if you use a straight razor.


  • The only disadvantage when shaving after shower is that the tiny hairs left behind after you shave. These hairs may fall onto your collar or other parts of the shirt making you feel itchy and uncomfortable all throughout the day.

Other Things to Consider When Shaving


Have a before and after shave routine

The act of shaving is more than just having a razor and a good rinse. No matter you shave before or after shower, you should have a good shaving routine. If you have sensitive skin, it is important to use a mild facial wash to soften your beard or mustache before shaving and apply a good after shave cream to tame any redness or irritations.


Skip the soap

As mentioned earlier, a moisturized facial skin is desired in order to have a clean shave and avoid any resistance that may lead to nicks and cuts. Using soap on your face can dry your skin which may worsen the condition. Instead, use a mild cleansing gel that will soften your skin and unclog your pores.


Don’t use cold water

Hot or lukewarm water is preferred when shaving because this will open up your pores making it easier for you to pull out small hairs. Cold water will close your pores and if you force to pull out little hairs in a closed pore, you will only injure your skin.


Don’t press the razor on your skin

Let your razor do its job by guiding and gliding it on your face. You don’t have to press it hard with the intention of getting a smoother shave. This will only give you cuts, bruises and nicks.


Shave with short strokes

Shaving with an endless stroke is now a myth. It is better to shave with short strokes because this will be more precise and provide a closer shave. Besides, using short strokes also lessens the pressure in your razor’s handle making it last longer. So you can shave before or after shower, but this tip must be followed to get better results.


Change your razor

Although there is no need to change your razor every time you use it, it is advised to change it when it starts to wear out. This is also to make sure that you are not using a razor full of rust. Some razors have an indicator strip which turns white when you need to change it already.


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