All over the world people face various sex related problems. Both men and women may complain about lack of sex drive. On the other hand, lots of men complain about premature ejaculation, failed erection and impotency. Sexual issues relating to women range from vaginal infections to menstrual cramps. Despite all the challenges, there are solutions for both male and female sexual problems. Read on to know how to improve your reproductive systems by working on the certain pressure points, especially for men.

Sexual Pressure Points for Men


Bladder 23 and Bladder 47 (Sea of Vitality)

If you experience premature ejaculation or face impotency, you need to start applying acupressure on some important parts of the body to increase your sexual vitality. The B23 and B47 represent the Sea of Vitality points, which are located at the lower back. The same points are useful when dealing with fatigue, lower back pain, low energy and poor immunity. To apply pressure on these points, rub them with the back of your hands using an up and down motion and then press with your thumb and fingers for 60 seconds.


Kidney 3 (Bigger Stream)

Male sexual problems such as semen leakage and loss of libido can be handled by applying pressure at the K3 or Bigger Stream. This is the area between the inner anklebone and the back part of the ankle. When pressed firmly using the thumb for a minute, it reduces fatigue, and sexual tension. This vital pressure point influences the Achilles tendon to relieve lumbar pain, toothache, headache, insomnia, asthma, cough, diabetes, etc.


The Bladder 27 and Bladder 34 (Sacral Points)

Another 2 remarkable sexual pressure points are the B27 and the B34. These points are located at the lower spine or at the tailbone. You will find them in the sacrum and they release your body from sacral pain, low back pain and lumbago. They work together to provide a solution to male dysfunction, impotency and other sexual reproductive problems. If you want to sensitize these points, lie down and bend your knees with feet flat on the floor. Raise your pelvis slightly and put your hands on top of each other with palms facing down under the pelvis. Lower your pelvis on your hands and move your knees to and fro as you massage these points for 60 seconds.


Stomach 36 (Three Mile Point)

Located just below the kneecap, the S36 is a solution to a variety of health issues. If you want a functional reproductive system, apply firm pressure at this point. Also, called the Three Mile Point, it strengthens the whole body, improves digestion, reduces constipation and soothes digestive disorders. Use the index finger to press at the point for a minute and switch positions. Besides giving relief to gastric pain, it also offers solution to sleeplessness, asthma, chest congestion, knee pain and depression.


Conception Vessel 4 (Gate Origin)

The easiest solution to erectile dysfunction or impotency is the CV4. The Gate Origin is just below the belly button. It also offers relief from diarrhea, severe fatigue, lower back pain and what not. This part is also connected to the urinary system and hence it will help reduce bladder problems. To stimulate it, use the points of your fingers to apply pressure to the point located between the belly button and the stomach. Do this for up to 2 minutes and breathe deeply.


Spleen 12 (Rushing Door)

For male fertility problems, stimulate the Sp12 which is found at the upper side of the pubic symphysis. This is just at the end of the inguinal groove. Among all sexual pressure points, this one also provides relief for stomach discomfort, hernia and poor urine retention. To get a great result, try holding the point and pressing it for 2 minutes as you inhale.


Conception Vessel 6 (Sea of Yin)

If you have a problem with urinating at night and a poor reproductive system, you need to check your conception channel. At just three fingers under the belly button is the CV6. This area also provides solutions to hernia and erectile dysfunction. Women with menstrual issues, like irregular flows, and bleeding will also find relief. Apply pressure to this point to relieve erectile dysfunction, seminal emission and it also strengthens your reproductive system. Activate it by putting fingers between your belly button and the pubic bone for 1 to 2 minutes. This also eases digestive disorders, fatigue and body weakness.


Lower Base Point (Conception Meridian)

This is one of the sexual pressure points between the anus and scrotum is connected to the ejaculation process. It is also known as the Conception Meridian or the jen-Mo. Pressing on it non-stop for a few minutes influences the nerve connection to delay ejaculation. If you want to experience prolonged ejaculation, you need to press the point firmly and for longer.


Spleen 13 (Mansion Cottage)

The Mansion Cottage (Sp13) found in the pelvic area solves abdominal and dysfunctional complications. To activate it, apply pressure to the thick part between the leg fold just above the thigh. Do this for a minute to relieve thigh pain, fibroids, cysts, and abdominal masses. For impotence and premature ejaculation, make this a daily routine.


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