Over the years the topic of sex in college always stays the same. Boys often concerns about "should I stay the night" or "how to get her off". And girls may wonder "does size matter" or "is this a fling or forever". College sex or dorm sex today has become far more often and complicated than that in the 1950s. Now let's get a closer look at sex in college.

7 Golden Rules of Sex in College


Get a room (alone)

Just so everyone knows, having sex in college DOES come with rules. The number one rule for having sex in your dorm is to avoid having sex while your roommate is in the room. Even if they are asleep, they will be affected and feel awkward. Besides, I don't think your sexual partner wants an audience anyway. Try finding a more private spot. This can become quite exotic, choosing places like the bathroom, the library or even a science lab. Make it private.


Make time for the sex talk

This talk should be with your roommate, as their life is going to be affected. Don't forget though, that your life will be affected just as much. More often than not, this conversation is going to be a little strange. Probably stranger than the sex talk you had with your parents because you and your roommate could be literal strangers. Get over it. Having someone walk in while you are doing the nasty is not how to start a relationship even if it is only for hook-ups. Topics to go over are unplanned hook-ups or what if one of you has a girlfriend/boyfriend. Go over every possible scenario you can think of.


The less noise, the better

If your suitemates are trying to sleep or study in their room, the quieter you are, the happier they are. After all, dorm sex can be very awkward when more than two people are involved. The moans and groans can be a bit irritating to put it lightly, but having university sex comes with noise. It can get downright kinky trying to keep each other quiet if you are having sex in a dorm room. The kink can seem very erotic and make dorm sex much better.


Go to her place

Going to her room or apartment is definitely a way to make your roommate happy and provide a change of scenery. In a study done in 2005 in the Netherlands, the areas of the brain that register fear and anxiety did not show much of a reaction when a girl was having an orgasm. Most women feel comfortable and safe to have college sex in their places. Besides, man can leave whenever he wants but be sure to get a fancy and great excuse.


Mind sleepovers

Whether you should sleepover depends on which type of relationship you have. If your partner is your girlfriend/boyfriend, don't always leave after the deed is done and stay over for sometimes. It can always be a beneficial thing for your relationship. If the person is not your significant other, sleeping over is not really necessary. If you want to keep the hook-up though, give him/her a text or call in the morning to let him/her know everything is well.


Swing low

A strange thing to have to think about, but having sex in college comes with the dreaded bunk bed situation. It just is plain uncomfortable. If you are having sex on a bunk, whether upper or lower, there are a few positions that work better than others and won’t strain something you need to use later. For example, spooning, different types of the missionary positions or the "downward dog" can be better choices. Besides, your partner won't be too receptive if they are constantly banging their head.


Make use of your territory

This does not refer to your sex partner or significant other. What I mean by this is to use places in the room other than your bed. For instance, use the floor, the desk, the chair or the walls. It not only helps avoid banging head and other parts from having sex on the bunks, but also gives you newer and kinkier ways to have sex. Be creative. Throw some blankets or even the bunk mattress on the floor and try new, even more interesting positions, like having the woman on top, rear entry and knees to chest. Just let your imagination run wild.

5 Truths About Having Sex in College


It may be not that good

College sex can be crap sometimes. One-night stands or trying to get around your roommate can make sex in college questionable at best. Hook-up relationships are often unsatisfying and even disgusting if sex happens because you are drunk or lonely. Besides, the man or woman you hook up when drunk may be not that interested in your organism and pleasure, which may take the pleasure of sex away.


Always make sex safe

A study done in 2012 found that 1 in 4 college students rarely or never used a condom during sex. What's worse, a more recent study finding that 51% of female students and 61% of male students routinely had unprotected sex. This opens up the gamut of sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, syphilis, or even AIDS. There are ease accesses to condom in college. Check with the university's Student Health Department or on the floor's R.A. if in the dormitory. Stop at a convenience or drug store if necessary.


A campus is a very small place

This is like saying that a classroom is a small place. If a person hooks up with someone they live very near to, they had better be prepared for the vast silence that an elevator ride can carry. It could also be awkward to see each other in classes or even the cafeteria.


Size matters

One woman put this into perspective by saying that, "men are like diamonds" because size carries weight, particularly in the bedroom. Men have to deal with this because in college, size is compared from partner to partner, if the woman has more than one partners. Sometimes the worst sex a woman can have, in some opinions, is that with a man who has little to work with.


Sex gets better

Once students get older and become more involved in relationships, sex can be magnificent. As you grow older, you will be more aware of the other's pleasure zones. This really is not the case when you are younger and drunk. With all the sex experience in college, you will get better understanding of sex and your body. And you will find sex gets exponentially and astonishingly better.


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