If your aim is to lose weight, it is not so problematic, as numerous ways exist. But many of those ways bring you the constant feeling of hunger and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, you should have an iron willpower, so as not to be defeated quickly.

We offer you to approach the process of weight loss from a scientific point of view. So our tips will:

  • Advise you how to lower your appetite greatly;

  • Help you with your weight loss without the feeling of hunger;

  • Tell you how to better metabolism at the same time.

These are our 3 useful tips to lose weight quickly.

How to Lose Weight Quickly


Forget about sugars and starches

One of the main steps is to exclude sugars and starches (carbs) from your nutrition, as these products help to produce insulin most of all. And this very insulin is the major hormone that helps to store fat in the body. Low insulin levels stimulate the burning of fats instead of carbs.

Low insulin levels also give kidneys the possibility to get rid of extra water and sodium in your organism and this helps to lower bloat and unnecessary water weight.

It is quite possible to lose up to 10 pounds or more during the first week if you follow our advice.

Reduction of carbs leads to insulin lowering and in this case, you will consume fewer calories automatically without feeling of hunger. To put it simply, with low insulin levels you start losing weight subconsciously.

To sum up, if you stop consuming sugars and starches (carbs), you will reduce your insulin levels, lower your appetite and lose weight without suffering from hunger.


Consume vegetables, fat and protein

You should add meals consisting of low-carb vegetables, a protein source and a fat source to your ration. If you construct your meals in this way, you will balance the carb consumption into the necessary dose of 20-50 grams a day.

The products rich in vitamins are meat (such as pork, lamb, bacon, chicken, beef, etc.), seafood and fish (such as lobsters, shrimps, trout, salmon, etc.) and eggs (pastured or omega-3 enriched ones are the best of all). Do not ignore the importance of enriching your organism with a lot of protein. This can improve metabolic processes to 80-100 calories a day.

When you consume products rich in protein, this helps to reduce thoughts about food by 60%, decrease your desire of late-snacking by 50% and bring you the feeling of fullness that you will subconsciously consume 441 fewer calories a day. Never forget that protein is the main measure of weight loss.

Among the low-carb vegetable are celery, cucumber, lettuce, Swiss chard, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. Even if you put all these low-carb vegetables on your plate, you will not go over 20-50 net carbs a day.

The ration full of vegetables and meat contains the necessary fiber, minerals and vitamins to improve your health. You do not even need grains in this case.

As to the sources of fat, you can get it from tallow, butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil.

It is necessary to have 2-3 meals a day, but if you are hungry in the second half of the day, you can add one meal more. You should not avoid eating fats, but do not compound low-fat and low-carb simultaneously if you do not want to feel miserable and abandon the plan.

Coconut oil is the best for food preparing, as it is rich in fats known as medium chain triglycerides. As these fats are more fulfilling in comparison to others, this can help with the metabolic process.

You should not be afraid of these natural fats, as new research proves that saturated fat will not increase the heart risk in any case.

To sum up, your every meal should contain low-carb vegetables, a fat source and protein source. In this way, you will consume 20-50 gram carb range and lower the levels of insulin.


Strength training 3 times a week

It is certainly not obligatory to exercise in order to lose weight but we advise you to do this. It is good if you can visit the gym 3-4 times per week to warm up; you should do some weight lifting exercises and then stretch. When you come to the gym for the first time, it is better to consult the trainer as to the possible exercises.

Thanks to weight lifting, it is possible to burn calories and stimulate metabolic process, which happens when you try to lose weight. Research even reveals that you are able to obtain some muscle during the process of body fat losing. If you think that weightlifting is not for you, you can choose some easier exercises like swimming, jogging, walking or running.

To sum up, you can choose a kind of resistance training like lifting the weight. If this is not for you, you can limit to cardio workouts.


Additional refeeding of your organism with carb once per week

It is quite possible to choose one day per week to allow yourself eating more carbs. However, it is better to consume healthy carb sources like fruits, sweet potatoes, potatoes, quinoa, rice, oats, etc., but you should do this only once a week. If you do this more frequently, it will ruin your plans as to weight losing.

In case you require to have a cheat meal and to eat something that is not very healthy, choose this day to do this.

It is certainly not obligatory to refeed your body with carb or eat cheat meals, but this will help to balance such fat burning hormones like thyroid hormones and leptin.

It is possible that on this day you can gain some weight, but this is mainly water weight that can be lost in 1-2 days.

To sum up, you can choose one day of the week to eat more carbs, though it is not obligatory.


What about the control of calories and portion size?

You can count the number of calories you consume using various tools. You just need to remember that a daily dose should not exceed 20-50 grams of carbs.


10 tips on how to lose weight easily and fast

These useful tips will facilitate the process of weight loss:

  • Breakfast should be rich in protein. This high-protein meal can decrease cravings and calorie consumption during the day.

  • Forget about fruit juice and sugary drinks. These things are rich in fats and if you can get rid of them, it will help you with your weight loss.

  • Before eating, drink some water. Research proved that if you drink some water half an hour before eating, this can stimulate your weight loss by 44% during 3 months.

  • Weight loss friendly foods can help you. There are some foods that can help you with your weight loss.

  • Soluble fiber should be consumed. This fiber can decrease fat even in the belly area. You can add such supplements as glucomannan to your ration.

  • Coffee or tea is good for your organism. If you cannot imagine your life without tea or coffee, you can feel free to drink them as they stimulate metabolic process by 3%-11%.

  • Give preference to the whole, unprocessed foods. The center of your diet should be whole foods, as they are healthier and will fill your organism better without causing overeating.

  • Do not hurry while eating. Those who eat fast can gain more pounds in some time. When you eat slowly, it will give you the feeling of fullness and stimulate weight-decreasing hormones.

  • The plates should be smaller. It is a proven fact that if your plate is smaller, you eat less. Although it may seem strange, this rule works.

  • Good sleeping every night is beneficial because poor sleep is one of the reasons that can lead to gaining weight.

To sum up, it is obligatory to follow 3 simple rules and do some other things to fasten the process.


Possible speed of weight losing

During the first week, you can lose from 5 to 10 pounds of weight in comparison with the consistent weight loss lately.

If you are used to keeping to diets, then you can succeed fast. The more weight you plan to lose, the quicker you will do this.

You may experience some strange feelings during the first days. As your organism is accustomed to burning carbs, it requires some time to adapt the habit of burning fat. This is known as "low carb flu" and ends in a few days. You can add some sodium to stimulate the process in the same way as a bouillon cube works in hot water. In this way, you can feel good, energetic and positive.

Anti-fat hysteria overwhelms the society for decades, but the positive sides of low-carb diets are:

  • Your blood sugar lowers

  • Triglycerides decrease

  • Small, dense LDL (the bad) cholesterol lowers

  • HDL (the good) cholesterol improves

  • Blood pressure increases

In general, it is easier to keep up to a low-carb diet than to a low-fat one.

To sum up, it is quite possible to lose a lot, but how quickly this can occur depends on each person. However, low-carb diets can improve your general health in a number of ways.


Do not starve yourself in order to succeed with weight loss

In the case of any health problems, consult your doctor before introducing some changes.

When you reduce carbs and lower insulin levels, your hormonal environment changes and the desire to lose weight appears in your brain and body. This can cause the reduction of appetite and hunger, as these are the main reasons that people fail to succeed with some other methods of weight loss. With our recommendations, it is possible to lose 2-3 times as much weight as you usually do with a low-fat calorie restricted diet.

One more advantage that you can feel immediately is the drop in water weight that leads to pleasant changes on the scale just the following morning.

If you start consuming low-carb meals, you are free to consume everything until fullness and lose fat at the same time.

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