There isn’t a consensus about what room temp should be because it depends on what any individual feels. For most people, ideal room temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 degrees Celsius. Keeping a proper room temperature has been proven to boost productivity and health, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your room temperature.

Ideal Room Temperature for Workplace

What is room temperature for the workplace? Most workplaces are much more comfortable at 69 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 to 23 degrees Celsius. In the summertime, some offices are on the higher end of that scale to minimize the discrepancy between the outside temperature and the room temperature. This can help workers easily adjust as they come into the air conditioning from the sweltering heat.

Find a Suitable Office Temperature to Increase Productivity

When it comes to creativity and productivity, room temperature should be comfortable. But that might not mean the same thing for everyone. To find a common ground, talk to all your coworkers or employees and ask them about their preferences; then find a middle ground. Those who are a bit chilly might need to bring a light sweater to work and those who are too warm might need to use a small fan at their desk.

Ideal Room Temperature for Bedroom

When you are trying to find the best room temperature for sleep, always err on the side of cooler. When you get sleepy, your body temperature tends to drop. Your body temperature gradually reaches its bottom line at about 5 in the morning and then goes up. That’s why you are most comfortable in a room that is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep a thin blanket on your bed in case you become a bit chilly.

How Room Temperature Affects Your Sleep

If you are cooler at night when you go to sleep, your body is more likely to allow you to slip right into dreamland, rather than to struggle to find the right balance. Room temperature is also very important when it comes to dreaming and deep sleep because warmer rooms will tend to wake you up in the middle of these cycles which relate to the overall quality of your sleep.

Tips to Drop Temperature for Sleep

What if the room is far too warm for you to sleep well, especially during summer time? There are ways to drop the temperature without actually lowering the thermostat. If the room temperature needs to stay a bit higher for someone else in the room or the house, consider these options to give you a more personalized temperature.

Performance Bedding

Bedding that can wick away moisture will help prevent night sweats and will help keep you cool. You can get complete bedding sets, including pillowcases and blankets which are made of moisture wicking performance fabrics.


Gel Mats

These mats fit on your mattress and you can lie right on top of them. The cooling gel in the mats works until you fall asleep, but that’s usually more than enough to get you into dreamland and keep you there for a good long while.


Chili Pad

This high-tech pad has silicone tubes through which water is pumped. The water keeps your body cool all night. In fact, you can set the device to cool you so much that you might get too cold!


Remember that Everyone Feels Differently

Keep in mind that ideal sleeping room temperature is different for everyone. For that reason, you might have to compromise with a bed partner to keep it the proper temperature.

Room Temperature and Humidity

The room temperature of a given place might feel a bit different due to the humidity. Relative humidity can make room temperature feel sweltering, even if it is just the normal temp you are used to. That’s because when the air is moist – such as with high humidity – your sweat can not evaporate as much, making you feel hot and sticky. But in low humidity and when the air is drier, you get the benefits of evaporation from your skin.

In the summer, using a dehumidifier in your house can help you feel much more comfortable. In the winter, do the opposite – use a humidifier to put more moisture into the air and prevent dryness. These options can help you keep a perfect room temperature throughout the year.


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