In these modern times, more and more people are being conscious about their health issues. Among which we find most people complaining about not being able to drop their weight and then there are people in the midst finding hard to gain weight even they are food enthusiastic. If you are amongst the latter, it is more obvious that you are the type of person with fast metabolism and adding few pounds could mean a significant difference. Also, too low body weight is vulnerable to low bone density, organ damage etc.

However, there is a straightforward way of diet to gain weight. You could plummet all the sugary drinks, cheeseburgers, French fries, ice creams, chocolates and donuts and be vulnerable to unpredictable blackouts, maybe in the far future. On the other hand, you could add pounds while optimizing sustainable health.

Your body depends upon raw nutrients in the construction of cells and junk food doesn’t provide your metabolism much to toil with. After all, calories are burned and finished. Doctors, these days highly recommend eating intact natural foods while keeping calorie intake in consideration is the best approach and diet to gain weight.

Right Diet to Gain Weight

Let’s look at the 7 healthy diets that can help to gain weight naturally in a healthy way.

Red Meat

Red meat is a great way to gain weight because it contains lot of iron and protein. But it comes with a warning that the cholesterol is high in red meat. It is advised that you enjoy steak, beef tenderloin only a few times in a week. Also, the fatty cuts of red meat contain calories that counts in a healthy diet routine. However, health experts recommend not combining it with unwholesome saturated fats as it may be hazardous to health.



Diet to gain weight will always contain carbohydrates and protein. Milk is among the best natural source of these and other various nutrients. Also, you can trade whole milk with skim milk in your diet. Skim milk is what becomes after a portion of fat is removed from whole milk. Besides, vitamin A and D is rich in whole milk.



Chocolate granola bars are among the few choice people might opt for gaining weight. However, it might be a good consideration if taken in moderation. They can assist in adding few pounds which contain loads of nuts and calories, except for people trying to lose weight shouldn’t try one. Also, natural granola is a perfect cereal for those trying to add some weight which is without sugar added. Coconut oil, nuts, oats and sugar make up this delicious snack where more nuts and dry fruits can be extra supplement. Granola can either be manufactured or homemade breakfast which is full with protein, fiber and carbohydrates.



While planning for diet to gain weight, carbohydrates must contain a forty percent slot. With this keeping in mind, potatoes emerge as one of the best source of carbs. Other than that, potatoes are rich in protein, vitamin C and full of fiber. Moreover, it contains argininine and glutamine beneficial for weight gain. It is important to keep in mind that potato peel contains most of the nutrition so you might want to consider peeling the surface cover very lightly. Protein value cuts to fifty percent once peeled off. Other than familiar white potatoes, sweet potatoes and mini potatoes are found, too. They can be mixed up with for additional flavor.



Cheese is among the favorite foods worldwide. Just about any dish is compatible with cheese thankfully. We can reap all the nutritional value of milk products from cheese. If you are among the ones trying to gain weight quickly, cheese is a great option as it is a product rich with fat. Also, cheese is high in protein and can be a great snack, itself. Besides, you can enjoy cheese with many combinations.



Nuts can’t be avoided in terms of its sheer value of fiber. As we all know, fiber is very important in digestive process which helps to break down the nutrition molecules. Moreover, nuts are also rich with nutrients and fats. We’ve all experienced the fact that eating nuts in small amount can keep us going on for hours.

Among nuts, almonds are greatly preferred while macadamia nuts are one with very high fat values. We can reap benefit from mixed nuts as numerous nutritional advantages in a single snack. Nuts can also be added in breakfast containing oatmeal and cereals. While, they can also be supplemented atop Asian dishes and added to salads, too.


Tropical Fruits

Doctors recommend eating apples a day but tropical fruits can also be added in healthy diets to gain weight. Varieties of fruits like pineapple, mango and bananas are jam-packed with natural sugars which can be a great source of energy. A single banana contains a whopping 105 calories and lots of carbohydrates. Bananas can be great foods after workouts. Hence, these fruits are among the choices of nutritionist.

Some may find it difficult to enjoy fruits and vegetables at enough quantity, but fruits can be blended in salad and smoothie to take pleasure in.


It is very important to realize that adding pounds is a difficult task and probably will take few weeks or even months. Also, immunity boosting foods should be involved in diet to gain weight so upon falling sick could ruin the program which can be discouraging after all the hard work. Healthy way to gain weight requires a lot of perseverance. Also, it is important to keep the 3 to 4 hour’s interval between meals daily to keep you energized the whole day.

Hopefully, the above foods will help you to gain weight. Other than that, there are mental factors that trigger your weight loss or gain. Bear in mind to eat healthy and exercise daily. Also being a slight underweight is not necessarily a problem but with right guidance and healthy manner you sure can bulk up.


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