If you need more organization in your life, you may be tempted to visit a specialty storage shop to purchase containers. Save time and money by trying these DIY projects to repurpose unused items for organization and storage purposes. Keep in mind, while these small storage projects will help organize a cluttered home, finding a storage unit for larger storage issues will help de-stress and de-clutter your home.

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Wall Storage

Storing your belongings with DIY wall storage projects can save you valuable drawer, counter and floor space. These projects will help you make the most of all that vertical space you’re not taking advantage of!

  • Shutter Catch-All. If you’re like most people, you have a mail or general paper spot in your home that is tough to keep organized. To alleviate this problem, install an old shutter on the wall of your kitchen or front entryway. You can paint the shutter a fun color and even hang more than one if you’re overwhelmed by paper. You can even add hooks to hang keys on or hang pictures from the slots with clothespins.

  • Magnetic Make-Up Board. Make-up storage can become increasingly unorganized. Organize your make-up by making a magnet board. Have a hardware store cut your chosen piece of metal to fit within a frame. Use adhesive spray to “upholster” the metal. Put the metal back and frame together. Hot-glue magnets to the back of your make-up products and you’ll be able to organize your make-up on your bathroom wall!


Drawer Storage

Drawers are a great place to stash smaller belongings, but sometimes, our drawers can get cluttered and unorganized. Keep your drawers in order with these DIY organization ideas:

Cereal Box Drawer Divider. Collect your leftover food boxes, such as from granola bars, cereal and crackers. Put them into a drawer to plan your project. Using your drawer as a guide, mark the height around each side of the boxes. Cut the boxes at this line. Wrap your boxes with decorative paper – inside and out. Set your shortened and wrapped boxes back in your drawer and enjoy your newly organized space.


Container Storage

Jars, cans and small disposable containers are the perfect items to upcycle for storage and organization projects. Households go through an array of products that come in these containers. Rather than throwing these containers out, discover how to use them to increase the organization in your house. Thoroughly clean containers of any food remnants or outer labels. Baby food jars, salsa jars and coffee ground containers are all appropriate to upcycle for storage.


Miscellaneous Storage

  • Ice Cube Trays. Instead of tossing old ice cube trays, use them to store small miscellaneous items that are creating disarray in your desk or junk drawer. Old ice cube trays are perfect for storing erasers, pushpins, buttons and paperclips.

  • Your Old Garden Rake. Yard rakes that are past their prime can also be turned into a storage item. Clean and scrub an old rake and hang it head down on your bedroom or bathroom wall with a nail. You can then use the tines to hang necklaces, bracelets and headbands.

By using your imagination, you can turn items that you were going to throw away into handy storage containers. To organize the areas of your home that are encumbered with large furniture or seasonal items, rent a self storage unit.


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