Modern society prioritizes materialistic goods above everything else. Often, people involve themselves in the chase that they tend to forget the things that truly matter.

Part 1


Separate Your Identity from Your Possessions

The items you own do not define you as a person. At the end of the day, people see you for who you are as an individual and it is your personality that speaks volumes about you. Deriving a sense of identity from your possessions is not only shallow, but empty as well.


Relationships Are Experiences Not Things You Own

Relationships are experiences from which you learn and grow from. They teach you things that you would not otherwise be able to learn in a classroom or from a book. Hence, treat them as a treasured occurrence in your life rather than objectifying it.


Create Goals and Challenges

Creating goals and challenges to work towards are one of the best ways to advance in life. However, these goals should go toward building character rather than looking towards acquiring materialistic goods. This will, in turn, make you a better person.


Serve Others

Putting the needs of others before yourself is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of humanity. It allows you to help others and let them benefit through your actions. The sense of satisfaction this gives is much better than that of any materialistic goods.


Get Rid of Stuff

You can't take it with you to your grave, so don't bother being all clingy when it comes to materialistic items. Coming to terms with the fact that materialistic possessions are inherently useless in the end and do not mean anything other than their arbitrary financial value will allow you to see the bigger picture in life.


See Earnings as a Challenge

Earning money should be a constant challenge that encourages you to keep moving forward in life. It should be seen as one of the many goals you have to work towards in order to better yourself as a person. It is a tool, and not the master.


Choose Experiences Rather Than Objects

Experiences shape you as a person, allowing you to grow and mature in time. Objects give you a temporal form of satisfaction, something empty that goes away as quickly as it comes. When making choices, go for the option that will give you a great learning experience.


Built Intangible Assets

Intangible Assets refer to non-physical assets such as a brand name or reputation. Focusing on these can go a long way as they will benefit you more in the end. For instance, focusing on building up a good reputation over time will benefit a company more than short-term sales goals.


Use Money to Free Yourself

Many people make the mistake of becoming a slave to money. Instead, use money as a way to liberate yourself. Spend your extra cash on vacations to see the world, or buy a new book to educate yourself. Many make the mistake of allowing themselves to be enslaved by money, slogging their lives out for money they never actually get to spend.


Simplify Possessions

The most successful and richest people on the planet live simplistic lifestyles. There is no point chasing after the latest fashion trends or technological gadgets, because the latest products of today will be rendered obsolete tomorrow. Instead, live life simply and appreciate what you have around you.


Don't Buy into Social Status

While it is normal for everyone to want to climb up the social ladder, making your way to the top of the hierarchy is a painful and often expensive process that is not well worth the time. Even when you do reach the top, you will realize that it really is pointless.


Stop Judging Yourself by Your Things

Many people make the mistake of judging themselves based on the things they own. They feel inadequate or lacking because of things they do not possess and, in a way, this brings about a form of inferiority complex. Let your inner values be what defines you, because that is what really matters in the end.


Let Go of Control

Too many people allow their lust for materialistic items to control them. They let their greed rule their heads, and end up making selfish decisions they end up regretting some time down the road. Learn to let go, and not let these meaningless wants control you.


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