Almost any teenager or young adult today has a best friend, or bestie for short, with whom they share everything, do everything and basically spend every waking hour in each other’s company. Although best friends might play different roles in everyone’s life, there’s no denying one thing – the platonic love that exists between two besties is one of the strongest bonds out there. After all, your best friend is the one who is always there for you when nobody else is, and the one who puts you in line when everybody else is flattering you with false compliments.

Reasons to Love Your Best Friend

For those who love your best friends but are confused as to why you’d love such an idiot, don’t worry. It definitely falls into some reasons listed below:

They always make you laugh

Isn’t laughter the best therapy and medicine in the whole world? It doesn’t matter whether something really is funny or not – your best friends always manage to make you laugh in the bleakest of situations. They know exactly what to do or say to make you laugh, and the fun never stops when you’re with them.


They always encourage you

Even when you don’t believe in yourself, your best friends will always believe in you. No matter how small or stupid your dream is – if you can dream it, they will encourage you to pursue it! The cherry on top of the cake is how they’re always proud to show off your accomplishments, almost like it’s their own accomplishments. This is one of the best reasons to love your best friend.


They help you make more friends

Are you an introvert? Antisocial? Shy or just socially awkward? Don’t worry if your social life is going down the drain, because your bestie always comes to your rescue and always seem to know someone who would be “perfect” for you to hang out with. It’s actually thanks to them that you’ve been introduced to some of the most interesting people in your life.


You can be yourself

Don’t you hate it when you have to pretend to be, say, nice, polite, quiet, classy, studious or whatever in front of people just so that they aren’t hurt or offended by what you do or say? Well, this is exactly where besties come in handy – you can be your stupidest, disgusting, goofiest, vulgar self without having to worry what they think about you. Besties don’t judge. Ever. Except when you’re doing something really stupid, in which case they will jump right in and cuss or hit you till you see sense. Since you’ve had chats on the stupidest and most serious topics in the world, you two end becoming closer with each chat.


They help you make decisions

Looking for more reasons to love your best friend? Well, when tough situations have your head reeling with doubts, fear or confusion, it’s your best friends who step in and give you fresh suggestions that you wouldn’t have thought of by yourself. And you love them for that, don’t you?


You finish each other’s sentences

For those who thought this happened in movies, you’re so wrong. Best friends know you so well that you don’t even have to complete your sentences in front of them – they can do it for you. They always know what you’re thinking and why you’re thinking it.


You’re never bored in their company

Best friends are excellent company. And doesn’t your best friend go out of his or her way to lighten things up for you? Fun nights out, or even fun nights in – there’s never a dull moment in their company and they have saved you from boredom so many times that it’s become impossible to count all those incidents on your fingers!


They are your sworn keeper of secrets

Remember that one time you got so drunk that you blacked out and remembered nothing of the night? Or the time the principal of your college almost caught you running naked across your college campus? You confided those incidents only to your bestie, right? Because you couldn’t trust anybody! And till this day, nobody but you two are aware of each other’s deep dark secrets. It’s one of those reasons to love your best friend that doesn’t immediately pop up in your head, but it’s always there at the back of your mind.


They are your 24x7 wingmen/wingwomen

This is a big plus for those who are too shy or awkward around the opposite sex to have any real conversations with them. Your besties swoop in and give you the boost that you need and they always have your back without you asking for it!


They’re your rock solid support

24x7, 365 days a year. Whenever you need them, they’re there for you. If you failed in a subject or if a once sweet relationship falls out – your bestie is always there to lend you a shoulder to cry on. Without them, it would be impossible to get through the most difficult periods of your life.


More Reasons to Love Your Best Friend

  • They’re always honest with you, no matter what.

  • They don’t complain when you bitch in front of them all day long.

  • They will always defend you, whether you are right or wrong.

  • They are loyal to you.

  • They bring out the best in you.

  • You are partners in crime.

  • Your family treats them as a member and vise verse.

  • They know you like nobody else in this world.


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