The qualities and virtues of a good father are as wide and varied as there are colors in this world. Some qualities are more beautiful and more striking, while some are well-understated. Let's look at the major qualities that make a good father. You can check how good your father or you as a father are and think about ways to improve things.

Qualities of a Good Father

Some of these qualities might appear to be no-brainers, while some will be qualities that you never thought would be important in a father. But they are all indispensable nonetheless. So without further ado, here are those qualities:

He isn’t overprotective

Sure, fathers are allowed to be protective, but it’s when you are overprotective that your attitude becomes a problem. I know that they’re your children and it’s your job to keep them safe. But guess what? The more sheltered you keep them, the more you inhibit their ability to grow. How will your children learn how to struggle or to fight for what they want if everything will be handed over to them on a platter? Worse, children who have overprotective parents tend to grow up to be rebellious adults.


He compartmentalizes his emotions

This is one of the most outstanding qualities of a good father. Yeah so you had a hard day at work or had a massive argument with your wife. But how does that in any way justify you taking your frustrations on your children? Just because they’re small and weak doesn’t mean they become your target. Whatever issues you have, learn to resolve them without involving your children. They’re not guilty of anything.


He teaches children the art of problem solving

Let me explain this with an example. It’s one thing to teach your child to ignore people who are bullying them because they will eventually tire of it themselves. But it’s another thing to teach them how to stand up for themselves because nobody else is going to do that for them. If that isn’t an option, then go with your child to the authorities of the school where the bullies study, and talk it out with the principal. If by any chance your child has an easier solution, sit down, listen and offer support or advice whenever necessary.


He does the housework

Especially if the wife is working as well. This is one of those qualities of a good father which should go without saying, but sadly still need to be said.

As a good father, you need to set two examples to your children:

  • Doing housework isn’t a demeaning job – it’s as important and as tough as working in an office;

  • Doing housework is something everybody should do, irrespective of their gender.

Plus, your wife shouldn’t have to force or trick you into doing household chores. You should be able to do them readily and happily. This is literally one of the most important lessons to be taught about feminism and gender equality to your children.


He does not discriminate between his children

On the surface, sure, dads love their children equally. But how many dads are cool with their sons spending nights at clubs and yet question their daughters about coming home at 10pm. And how many dads are caring so much about their sons' education and career but ignore how excellent their daughters are? Why the disparity?

This of course is just one example of how society treats men and women differently. Don’t be that dad. View all kids as equals. The same rules should apply to all of your children.


He encourages his children’s uniqueness

Please never expect your children to be like you and walk down the same path as you have walked. Your children are completely different individuals with their own set of skills, talents and passions. An ideal father will never force his dreams down the throat of his children. Quite the opposite – he will nurture their talents and encourage them to forge their own path.


He communicates with his children

I mean sure you speak to them, asking them how their day was and all that stuff, but do you really talk to them? Are you there for your children when they’re really scared of that one test or when they get their heart broken and have no one to talk to? You need to be a friend first and a father later, especially if you’re a single father.

Talk to your children, know their likes and dislikes, keep yourself updated about what’s happening in their schools as well as their friend circles. If possible, take time out every weekend or every second weekend to spend all your free time with your children.


He challenges his kids

Not in an antagonistic way, of course. Keep this in mind when going through the qualities of a good father. Such a father would always make sure that his children don’t always remain in the “mediocre” bracket. He will find fun and innovative ways to challenge his kids so that they can not only hone their potentials but grow as human beings as well.


He isn’t harsh on his children

Know what? Children are exactly that – children. You can’t expect them to have the wisdom of an adult. They are bound to make mistakes. But nagging or criticising them for every mistake that they make will only make them retreat further into a shell. No. You have to be forgiving and understanding.


He leads by example

You must have probably heard your father tell you "Do as I say, not as I do". But times have changed, and so have parenting techniques. You can’t drink and smoke if you don’t want your children to follow suit. You can’t mistreat your mother and expect your children not to misbehave with your wife. If you want your children to be a great person, you have to be a model for your children to admire and learn from.


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